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  1. darrin2520

    darrin2520 Well-Known Member

    I have looked in the market and found several applications that will track your phone and plot a route. However, I was hoping to see if anyone has any suggestions on what the best app for this is?

    I need something that will plot a route and then allow you to follow it back for hiking and such.

    Any suggestions?

  2. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Qualify what you mean by "best".
  3. darrin2520

    darrin2520 Well-Known Member

    I guess one that will track/map a route that is taken and then allow me to either retrace that route or export it if needed.
  4. TOR

    TOR Well-Known Member

    Tried Google MyTracks? My Tracks for Android

    Looks decent from what I can see on their site (haven't personally tested it sorry)
  5. kkxaq

    kkxaq New Member

  6. koulik

    koulik Guest

    Try MyWay Tracker

    it is simple widget-based application where you can manually or automatically track your ways and view them on google maps
  7. kilikas

    kilikas Active Member

  8. Tobias Claren

    Tobias Claren New Member


    I am also searching for a GPS tracking app.
    I need it for Photography.

    Is there an app that logs the direction and the inclination?

    There are digital cameras that can do. I want to install this smartphone on the hot shoe of the camera (without its own GPS).

  9. chri29

    chri29 New Member

    I am using OpenGPSTracker and storing my tracks on Breadcrumbs.
  10. PAX

    PAX New Member

    Is OpenGPSTracker depending on the internet or are there local maps?
  11. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

  12. Recreation

    Recreation Well-Known Member

    I've tried GPS Tracking, once I registered and did what I had to do I was able to view the location of my phone. The problem is that it didn't tell me the city or state of the location. Does anyone know any gps tracking apps that gives you full details?
  13. ben_simpson

    ben_simpson Member

    I have used Endomondo for over a year now to track my running. It does split mile times, elevation, distance, voice coaching and much more. The site that accompanies it allows you to see on a map the path that you have taken, the app supports numerous sports (running, walking, cycling etc) as well as giving the option to upload the maps to your computer. The app shows calories burned, signal strength and you can join the community to challenge each other, get assistance or share maps/routes. You can create playlists from your handset, and view the map of the route that you have just taken so you can follow it back.

    I don't work for them(!), but I have had some great experiences with it and it assisted me in running half-marathons and a couple of charity runs :)

    Endomondo | Community based on free GPS tracking of sports
  14. Gundam168

    Gundam168 Well-Known Member

    Agree with this post 100%!

    I'm an Endomondo user and I think this has been the most reliable GPS tracking application across all platforms. I said GPS tracking not GPS navigation.

    What I like about Endomondo (free):

    - Voice coach announces distance and laptime while you are travelling
    - works on the background so your tracking does not get interrupted even if you receive a call or a text message or during screenlock.
    - you can even listen to music while you are tracking
    - upload to Endomondo site is easy, no complications.
    - application is so robust and bulletproof. I hardly had any errors in tracking even if I go under lengthy underpasses.

    What I want more from Endomondo (free)
    - camera integration where you can easily take GPS pictures of interesting sites and waypoints.
    - voice note recording so you can record personal notes on a specific point on a route.
    - voice enabled radar where it announces a specific waypoint or landmark as you approach it.

    I have tried the ff GPS tracking apps in both Android and Symbian platforms:
    - GPSed
    - MapMyTracks
    - Nokia Sports Tracker
  15. dave23456

    dave23456 New Member

  16. stewharper

    stewharper New Member

    I use Open GPS Tracker, it is free with a good set of features and it is well designed. I also use the new direct integration with Breadcrumbs which allows you to directly export your tracks for managing, editing and sharing in a web application.
  17. Rainbowlaces

    Rainbowlaces Member

    Do any of these work with an offline map? I have a Toshiba Thrive and I want to use it in remote areas of Mexico. Right now we use a Lowrance Baja540 GPS and it's ok, but the tablet would be so much better. I've found 3 really cool GPS apps, but none of them trace a real time line of the places I've traveled which is what I need (think, like, a sharpie behind your car!) in addition to working with an offline map. Similar to this app for ipads:

    Any suggestions? I'm looking into the links posted in this thread already to see if any of them will work.

  18. Glympse does that! It displays your route LIVE on a map in any web browser. For 4 hours (extendable by simple tapping) so that you can't forget to switch it off. It enables you to send a link, with a text message, to any smartphone number or email address so that they can follow your progress.
    But I'm not sure it can export that route too.
  19. You won't have to do that Tobias. Let me explain: your camera already records a lot of information in the socalled EXIF data in every single image file. You can make that information visible in most image editors and specialized EXIF viewers on your PC or Mac.
    Part of that information is the to-the-second exact time (and date) that the image was shot. A.k.a. a time stamp.

    Your phone, comfortably and safely in your pocket (no need to balance it precariously on top of your camera) knows exactly where you are at any given moment in time with its GPS and clock. It just needs to record it.

    So the only thing you need is to somehow marry those 2 streams of information. A process called geotagging. It's used a lot for uploading the millions of photos to Google Earth for instance.

    There are number of geotagging apps in the Market. Have a look here. I suggest you try a few and see which works best for you.
  20. Rainbowlaces

    Rainbowlaces Member

    Thank you for the suggestion, but I need it on the tablet while I'm driving in the middle of the Mexican desert without any kind of internet or cell service though. :(

    We have Spot Trackers to do what you just described for the people at home.
  21. 17318781mm

    17318781mm New Member

    I've tried the hellotracks app and i'm very satisfied, it works really well!
  22. chri29

    chri29 New Member

    OpenGPSTracker has offline maps, see here how to enable them.
    OfflineMaps - open-gpstracker - Describes how to have off-line maps available - A GPS tracking Android App: Build to be extensible and Free - Google Project Hosting

    another good one is Locus, most powerful I found so far, also comes with Breadcrumbs integration. You can install offline maps right in the app, what is neat.

    I still use OpenGPSTracker though, think it is easier to use
  23. Jimohesq

    Jimohesq New Member

    Hi All,

    Please can anyone point me in the right direction here.

    I need an app i can install on some android phones that would enable me track them via gps and also send messages to-and-from them via an administrative online backend.

    Please I would really appreciate if anyone could show me an existing application like that or would be willing to develop such for me.

  24. wudwork

    wudwork Member

    First off: Credit is due. This website was VERY helpful in getting me started. There are links on that website, which will help you a lot with below. Please check them out.

    About OruxMaps.
    a. It does an excellent job of bread-crumbs. At the end of your hike/ride/walk etc. you can simply email the .KMZ file of your breadcrumbs. VERY nice feature.
    b. You can overlay hiking maps, as I did below, that eliminate need for cell service when using.
    c. You can use external GPS unit, connected via bluetooth. Again, eliminating need for cell service, preserving battery life and increasing accurancy BIG TIME!
    d. You can reverse your breadcrumbs, save for later etc.
    e. One thing it does NOT do; you cannot create a route on desktop and save to phone for a trip. At least I don't know how to implement.
    f. One thing it does NOT do; turn-by-turn directions when following a route.

    As I use this entire setup for hiking, mountain biking, I have no need for turn-by-turn nor would I want it.

    With that said, here is what I did:
    Have a look at OruxMaps. I use that with Droid Razr Maxx with Ice-cream-sandwich running. I have the External GPS (connected via bluetooth) thus don't run down the battery with cell services GPS. In this setup, I do NOT NEED cell towers and I suppose I could be anywhere that has a view to equator where GPS satellites roam.

    1. Take ANY paper map and scan it into a .JPG format.
    2. Open Google Earth
    3. Zoom into the area the JPG map covers.
    4. Pull down "Image Overlay" and select that JPG file. In the properties of the JPG import, set the transparency to about middle. Just watch the effect this slider has on the map. You want the roads on your map to "bleed thru" so you can overlay them onto google.
    5. Resize,move,rotate etc as needed so you align the roads on your JPG with the actual roads on Google. This will take a bit until you get used to the process. I found step 3 is the critical step. DO NOT import the JPG when you are zoomed WAY out. It will take forever to get your roads to even get close to aligned with google.
    6. When you get the best alignment, hit "Save PLACE as" under file menu to save as KMZ file. You are 1/3 done.

    7. I suspect you can put the KMZ file directly on OruxMaps (on phone) but I could not get that working. Probably something simple???

    7. To keep going, you need to do a KMZ file conversion. I use "Map2cmapc" program for this. Search web to get and install.
    8. In this program, pull down File - Open Calibration. Choose the above KMZ exported file. Screen will fill with info, good reading but very technical.
    9. Click File - Write MAP and calibrations. NOTE: you can click the VIEW on top menu bar to see what you scanned in. You will notice the screen is filled with small red X. It cost $15 to remove those; paypal donation, to Map2cMapc folks.
    10. Next step is to get the output of above into a format understood by OruxMaps. Download their free desktop tool. Note that its JAVA based and can be tricky to get running. Make sure you have latest version of Java. On my windows 7, x64, machine; here is the command that got mine working: java -Xmx1024m -jar OruxMapsDesktop.jar
    This is the sole contents of the .BAT file that launches OruxMapsDesktop.
    11. Open OruxMaps desktop. Click "Converter" tab.
    12. Click on "Calibration file". Browse to the MAP file you created with Map2cmapc above. It will automatically populate the "Image File" and most boxes on screen. If not, your MAP file was not in same folder as the other related files.
    13. Choose Destination Directory
    14. Choose Map Name. This can be anything you want but keep in mind, this is what will appear on phone when you select an "offline" map.
    15. Hit "Create Map".

    16. NOW you are ready to put that map on phone.
    17. Copy entire folder from step 13 to your SD card on phone (it needs to be plugged into USB). On my computer the phone shows up as drive M so I copy the files into: M:\oruxmaps\mapfiles

    Thats it!
    18. Disconnect USB
    19. On phone, open Oruxmaps and click on OFFLINE maps. You should now see the Map Name you chose in step 14. Click on it and voila!

    20. Navigate thru OruxMaps menus (there a many) and find the option for "External GPS". Click on that.

    21. Oops, this step should be done earlier. Download "Bluetooth GPS" and install on your phone. That is needed to link the Bluetooth GPS device to your phone. I have the XGPS150a unit and its super easy to pair to phone in the "Bluetooth GPS" program. Once thats done, this GPS device will appear in the optional antennas in OruxMaps program.

    This sounds like a lot, and it is the first few times, but after that it streamlines quick and you don't do this often anyway. As you might be curious, I am NOT affiliated in any way with any of these vendors. I am simply giving back as its hard to get all this info in 1 place.

    Good luck, Tom

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