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  1. parson33

    parson33 Member

    What is the best way to hook the HTC Thunderbolt up to my car stereo system in hands free? Most state laws require this now.

    My stereo does not have bluetooth that I know of. I would like to make calls through my stereo however (hear people talking back to me through the car speakers). Is this possible? Please provide links of products.

    Also for me to talk to them do I just get a standard bluetooth headset or is there a better way to go about it?

    P.S. I do have an aux input to my Pioneer stereo but I believe that is just for playing music off the phone into the stereo.

  2. Brianm109

    Brianm109 Well-Known Member

    If you have a AUX hookup built into your car stereo then just use an AUX cable and plug it into the head phone jack on your TB. However, I use a visor bluetooth speaker called Supertooth Buddy because I hate the ear piece bluetooth devices out there and because I'm in and out of my car all day. It is real basic meaning it doesn't have extra features other higher priced ones my offer. It strictly is a speaker. But it works great. hope this helps.
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  3. parson33

    parson33 Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. Will look into that speaker.

    Anyone have any tips on having calls go through the stereo? Is that possible?
  4. ironhorse

    ironhorse Well-Known Member

    FM transmitter?
  5. kishin

    kishin Member

    I'm a huge fan of the Jawbowne bluetooth headset series! They have never failed me.
  6. parson33

    parson33 Member

    Any specific model I should look at? And that works with phone calls not just music?
  7. ironhorse

    ironhorse Well-Known Member

    Not sure. Probably something that plugs into the headphone out but not sure if it will disable the mic or not. Works on my fascinate fine but not tried it on my tb.

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