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  1. chevanlol360

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  2. AS23

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    Good suggestions; however I found a combination of that one, along with a free GO Launcher ICS theme looks more authentic. I also used the ICS Phase Beam Live Wallpaper instead; there is also a better GO Locker theme which allows you to access messages, phone, camera, and home screen from the lock screen and a few other perks.

    The GO Email widget can also be used to mimic ICS's ability to have a GMail scrollable widget so I'd suggest getting that too.

    BTW you should customize your status bar with blue icons like ICS to complete the effect :)
  3. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    thanks for the tips:) and im pretty sure you cant customize your status bar without root or is there? did you find a app or way to do it?
  4. AS23

    AS23 Member

    No problem, I will post some screenshots of mine later as an example. And you do need to root your phone to change the actual stock status bar icons, however there is an application you can DL that will place an emutated replacement bar that mimics ICS. It's. Called Super Status Bar, you need to purchase it under Premium bars.
  5. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    ohh i saw that app before the reason i didnt like it was because the notification icons werent poping up in stats bar for some reason not sure why but lets say if i get a txt the status bar would show no msg icon but when i disable the app it shows it
  6. AS23

    AS23 Member

    Ah yeah. You need to go to accessibility setting and set it to allow super status bar access, then your notifications will show up as they should. You also need to add any apps that need the status bar hidden to the auto hide list (such as the go locker, etc). If you play around with the settings you can get it working right, that's what I did and was using until I went ahead and changed the stock status bar with UOT and Ninjamorph.
  7. AS23

    AS23 Member

    Here are some screen shots of what you can do with a combination of the above mentioned program, a rooted phone, GO Launcher and it's plugins, Ninjamorph, UOT, and CWM (necessary for UOT and highly recommended for backing up your phone before you go tweaking system files in Ninjamorph). :)

    The first link is the lock screen (idle), second is lock screen just prior to unlocking, you can see how you can go directly to camera, phone, messaging, or home screen. The third image is default home screen, fourth is additional home screen. Fifth is another home screen displaying the scrollable contact widget and mini calender. Sixth image shows the scrollable email widget (with G-Mail) on another home screen. Seventh is the app drawer, and finally the final image is my notification screen, that I still need to make a correction on that one and tweak the header.

    As far as the status bar is concerned, I did that myself with a combination of UOT and Ninjamorph, as some of the UOT changes don't work correctly on this phone. I didn't feel the need to show the dialer, contacts, or scrollable messaging/SMS widget as this is already covered by the topic creator.

    Hope you enjoy the images, for those of you waiting for more "themes" for the phone, you can do it all yourself if you just put a little time and creativity into it, no need to wait on someone else to do it all for you as there is tons of stuff available out there.

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