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  1. eszklar

    eszklar Member

    Hello. Trying to find the best DVD/Video converter for the GNote using a Mac. Have used Handbrake in the past for converting DVD/Video for iPhone and HP TouchPad but I have not found a .plist file for the GNote to use with Handbrake. What other software are people using? I'm thinking specifically of using LeawoMacDVDRipper and Foxreal Video Converter for DVDs and Videos respectively but is there a better way?

    The GNote is totally awesome.

  2. PasiS

    PasiS Well-Known Member

    I'm using MacX DVD ripper, it works perfectly and has lots of settings for different mobile devices.
  3. eszklar

    eszklar Member

    Many thanks for the reply, testing the free version right now. What settings are you using when encoding video? I see a number of presets for iPods, iPhones, PSP and the like but did you create a custom preset for the GNote using "1280x800" for the output dimensions (or is it "800*x1280").

    This program seems to be for DVD only (as opposed to encoding an .avi file). Looking for a non-DVD ripping solution as well. Again I'm a big fan of Handbrake - wish there was a .plist file for the GNote to use with it.

    The GNote is wonderful for movies on the go as well as its other awesomeness.
  4. PasiS

    PasiS Well-Known Member

    I have used the custom set of 1280 x 800/720 for Note. 1076 x xxx works also beautifully with a little smaller file size.

    Yes the Note is the ultimate all-in-one mobile device at the moment, couldn't be happier.
  5. anakin1979

    anakin1979 Active Member

    Give Handbrake a try- free, easy to use, works flawlessly for me.
  6. eszklar

    eszklar Member

    Well I've tried using Handbrake and most of its presets are for Apple products, iPhone, iPads and iPod Touchs, I imported a .plist file for my HP TouchPad and that worked out fine for the TP. What settings are you using since the GNote is 1280X800? I'm trying to find a .plist file for the GNote.
  7. craige4u

    craige4u Member

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