best mp3 player?

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  1. arminius75

    arminius75 Member

    just bought a htc legend yesterday
    my first experience with android.
    loving it so far but the hardest part is getting my podcasts to play in order.
    used to itunes just syncing it, I put the mp3 files over manually and most of the players don't even see them, possibly cause they aren't songs.
    The few that do insist on reordering them alphabetically.

    So what's the best mp3 player that will play in exactly the right order?

    I have to download these podcasts on the PC, my mobile plan would never handle direct downloading.

    Also, is there a linux music player that can sync with the android?

  2. mauiblue

    mauiblue Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this would fit your requirments but I like to use miXing for my music. Awesome player that even comes with an equalizer and setup playlists for you automatically or if you wish manually.
  3. jimhd

    jimhd New Member

    where can i get miXing
  4. arminius75

    arminius75 Member

    yeah miXing is good, but it doesn't let me move the tracks around in the play list
  5. Marc Wonderland

    Marc Wonderland Well-Known Member

    Download it from the Market

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