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Best Music App for Playing Songs One at a Time From A Playlist?

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  1. Billy1965

    Billy1965 Member

    Hi Everyone new to this and just about to take delivery of a tablet pc, previously I was using mini discs to play backing tracks. Can anyone advise the best app to allow me to organise/group songs into playlists and to only play the selected song in a playlist without automatically playing the next one?


  2. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    I use two players, depending what I want to do. Check them out and see what works for you ... if either.

    tinyPlayer, by COBR4SOFTWORKS
    Music Folder Player (I have the Donate version), by Zorillasoft
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  3. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    PowerAmp. Best music player in the play store period.
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  4. Billy1965

    Billy1965 Member

    Thanks for the replies guys. Do you know if those MP you sugested will allow me to play a single track from a playlist without it carrying on to play the rest of the songs in that playlist?

    Cheers again

  5. Creating a playlist does not limit you to only playing songs from the playlist. So if you want to only play a specific song, then select the song you want played, but not from within the playlist.
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  6. pixaro

    pixaro Well-Known Member

    WinAmp has the option I think. Not sure.
    The easiest way to play only one song is to open it via file manager. ;)
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