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Best Music/Media Player App

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  1. JamesFoster

    JamesFoster Active Member

    For a paid service I would take a look at Spotify.
    For a free music player I would look at Real Player (seriously). No ads. Music, photos and video. It supports divx/xvid, wmv, avi.

  2. helenwh

    helenwh New Member

    The best player is double twist. He has a good style in playing.
  3. Chroma

    Chroma Well-Known Member

    You'd best be trolling, or a DT developer.
  4. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Sure about that? Seems to only play MP3 and MP4. A folder and emmc level view would be nice, so see all miedia in both locations.
  5. LeftToast

    LeftToast Member

    I'm not so sure about the Android DoubleTwist player, but the DT media manager and sync for Windows is a kludgy, buggy, POS. The DT media manager is so bad that it makes me wary of even trying the Android player. It works fine with an iPod, but is absolute crap with Android.

    I'm using MediaMonkey now.
  6. hero_hont

    hero_hont Member

  7. micstewart

    micstewart Well-Known Member

    I tried installing both Doubletwist and realplayer earlier today in order to have a look at both apps. Both look good, however.... after a few hours my Galaxy S stopped recognising the SD cards (brick). Tried off and on, tried off, battery / SD out, back on and phone just refused to recognise SD cards.

    I tried plugging the phone into a car charger and immediately got the well known MTP application icon flicking on and off (people experience this when having problems connecting to Samsung desktop software, kies). Usually this is a problem with long filenames i.e. more than 16 characters after the .

    so... Deleted both apps from the phone, turned off then on and SD card were back.

    Unsure which of the two caused the problem, but just a word of caution to other SGS owners.
  8. anurbanlegend

    anurbanlegend Member

    I've been using the doubleTwist player. I'll have to give that realplayer a go. Also note, when you install DT, it enables automatic USB mounting. You can disable that in DT settings.
  9. cmofo

    cmofo Member

    Hands down, the best music player I've tried is 'Music Player Pro'. I actually wrote about this on another thread and am working on a large review of it. I've used all the major music players at some point, looking for that one cure-all solution. bTunes was my favorite for awhile, however since the developer abandoned it, i've moved on knowing that it's bugs are only going to get worse with new builds. MixZing is very feature rich, but the interface is boring and not very intuitive. TuneWiki has some really unique and cool features, but still isn't ideal. DoubleTwist looks nice but you can't even create a fricken playlist on the fly and there are some other standard music features it lacks.

    However, a few weeks back I found Music Player Pro which had just recently released and I can finally say that I've found a rival to iphones music player. Not only that, but the developer is EXTREMELY responsive. Just a week back, people were asking for the ability to scrobble and the developer already added it.

    You can download and pick album artwork for albums, search for lyrics, retrieve artist info, use various skins, search library by artist/album/song/genre/playlist/folder. You can create playlists on the fly. You can filter out songs by keywords. In the future the dev is adding the ability for custom skins, editing ID tags and more..

    Also, the current skin is sorta meh, but a new skin will be launched in the next week or so that features custom vertical and horizontal layouts.

    How do I know this? Well, having been so happy to finally find a great music player, I created a skin for the player and have been talking with the developer ever since and he is working on integrating it now. I know I probably sound like I'm advertising, but honestly, I've been in the same exact boat as all of you and I won't be making a dime for the skin. I, as you probably have, have just been looking for that music player that 'does it all', and I'm just excited to actually find one that is not only great already, but has so much potential to be greater. As I said before, I thought bTunes would be that player, but with the developer abandoning it, I moved on.

    I'll post some screenshots of the updated skin here a bit later.
  10. Fine69

    Fine69 Well-Known Member

    ok does it have eq and gain controls?
  11. cmofo

    cmofo Member

    Not yet, but you can email the developer and I will as well. He is pretty motivated to keep improving his product so I'm sure he will get to it soon.
  12. Trappist

    Trappist New Member

    yxflash didn't work on Android 2.1. It plays .mov only sound without video, as for .flv - doesn't plays at all.
    And don't take Zimly: it crashes while generating thumbnail of unsupported video [codec], and hothing prevents it from thumbnail generation ;(
    Meridian is the best free so far, though, didn't try Cinema yet.
  13. mike11

    mike11 New Member

    i feel Madrian app good ....

  14. silvenus

    silvenus New Member

    Any video player that is able to play rmvb file

    and any music player that can read the chinese character in the song title.

    Rock player used to able to play rmvb file but now it seems to be not working and not found on the G market anymore
  15. drebabels

    drebabels Member

    Sorry to hear that Zimly is crashing on you. We heard something about this a few weeks back and implemented a fix that should prevent Zimly from crashing if the codec is unsupported. If Zimly is still giving you problems, why not drop by Community-powered support for zim.lyand explain what is happening in detail so that we can figure out how to fix it.
  16. Stinky Stinky

    Stinky Stinky Well-Known Member

    Hmm i dunno actually... try this rock player maybe but it is in beta by the looks of it but is way more geared towards movies, divx etc...not too much for music though... i think....

    App of the Week. Rock Player AndroidBoss
  17. smokeylt

    smokeylt Active Member

    Big problems after downloading Dolphin player and attempting to watch a streaming video. My phone turns on, but every time i slide the bar down to unlock the phone it puts a warning that the HTC Sense (process com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    And it makes me force close. Phone is completely unusable

    Someone please help. i feel so disconnected.
  18. ProRezOnline

    ProRezOnline Well-Known Member

    Which one are you referencing?(creator..?..) I have found several in the market...
  19. Heartwire

    Heartwire Member

    Search exactly for "Music PlayerPro" (no space between the last words)
    Its the paid one for ~2.77USD

    If im correct he means that one.

    Just checked, creator is Tristan Bigourdan
  20. Rambler358

    Rambler358 Well-Known Member

    Winamp just recently became available for Android, and it's free. Check the market if you're a fan. There's also a beta dektop component that will sync between PC and phone.

    Some info here.
  21. Heartwire

    Heartwire Member

    Where can you get this beta desktop component?
  22. Rambler358

    Rambler358 Well-Known Member

    In the Winamp forums, here.
  23. cujo2344

    cujo2344 Member

    I have been rocking the Winamp beta and it has taken over as my goto player after trying out dozens
  24. Heartwire

    Heartwire Member

    Stil unfortunatly with winamp i also cant transfer playlists. :(
    Well it transfers them but doesnt read them on the winamp player.
  25. Rambler358

    Rambler358 Well-Known Member

    Post the issue in the Winamp forums, I'm sure they'll get it worked out.

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