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  1. Heartwire

    Heartwire Member

    Yeah did that :)
    Hopefully they can aid me, i have the same issue with music playerPro too actually.

  2. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the Double Twist recommendation.

    Now if only I could get rid of these damn Album art pics...
  3. poppagai

    poppagai Member

    Playlists... this for me is the big question... Meridian and some other players will recognize an m3u playlist that I make on my laptop but if I make any changes to the playlist on the phone... none of these changes show up when I send the m3u playlist back to the laptop.

    I feel sorry for all the people out there making playlists on their android phones and they do not realize that they may never have access to their phone playlists on any other laptop or device in the future.

    Does anyone have any ideas??
  4. piranhaleg

    piranhaleg Member

    mort player music. has an EQ and plays individual folders that u can make on ur computer and drag in and its free.
  5. dennis23

    dennis23 New Member

    Which music pro player is it? I see two in the Market; one by Tristian Bigourdan and the other by Andro Studio....I've been using Mixzing because it has eq;....
  6. chandu1987

    chandu1987 Active Member

    I cant see any EQ in the player...i just downloaded it
  7. dgriffiths

    dgriffiths Member

    I'm using Winamp now, and loving it. Been using Winamp on the PC for years now. Love the scrobling support too. I hope EQ comes soon.

    Does anyone know if gapless playback is possible in Winamp or any other music app? If this is done I'll cream my jeans.
  8. softpinkishlips

    softpinkishlips Well-Known Member

    how about a player with lyrics in it while playing? is there one?
  9. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Read somewhere that Android only supports gapless with OGG files (since they are used for looping sounds in apps).
  10. lava9611

    lava9611 Active Member

    In the words of the great philosopher Ace Ventura... 'Allrighty then...'
  11. UncleStalin

    UncleStalin Member

    I like winamp
  12. piranhaleg

    piranhaleg Member

    chandu1987, sorry, the music player with the EQ is called poweramp, and its AWESOME!!!!!
  13. coasterman927

    coasterman927 Well-Known Member

    I was hung up on the Galaxy S default music player for a while because the UI was beautiful (it had playback controls in the notification bar and lock screen!), and it had a built-in EQ presets. I thought I'd never switch.

    Then I found PowerAMP.

    Down. Right. Amazing. And it's only in beta! The biggest draw is the EQ and seperate bass/treble controls. My music sounds so clear now. I didn't notice it before, but after hearing what my music should sound like through the beauty of PowerAMP, the stock player makes everything sound so muddy and blah. Then, the GORGEOUS UI is just.. well.. gorgeous! Everything from swiping album covers to skip a song, to the pop-up notifications, to the widget (that conveniently matches the SGS theme) is so clean and polished.

    Seriously, I could go on about this for a while. Just go try it out. You won't be sorry.
  14. jeezuz

    jeezuz Active Member

    +1 for PowerAmp, unbelievable amount of features, only wish the lock screen widget was bigger.
  15. LED

    LED Well-Known Member

    TuneWiki does this.
  16. Simba501

    Simba501 Well-Known Member

    Doubletwist is lovely
  17. chandu1987

    chandu1987 Active Member

    iam using winamp beta....doubletwist is also good
  18. danerden

    danerden New Member

    There are many type of music players available online but i used Win amp music player for my PC because it's a best music player.
  19. gever27

    gever27 New Member

  20. Z3US

    Z3US Well-Known Member

    yeah Doubletwist is d best..!!!
  21. Tinny87

    Tinny87 Member

    PowerAMP gets my vote: I prefer it to using my (now defunct) iPod...
  22. RockyxxRose

    RockyxxRose New Member

    I went and downloaded Double Twist.....THANK YOU. It was just what I was looking for..... : )
  23. exclaymation

    exclaymation Member

    Player Pro is also a really good music player. It has a very capable album fetcher and a tag editor. The music player itself is really good, with very good sound and good widgets.
  24. lava9611

    lava9611 Active Member

    I downloaded the pay version of PowerAMP and have never been happier with a media app.
  25. wtfj1n

    wtfj1n Active Member

    whats this that I'm hearing that andriod does not have gapless playback? Does that mean that my songs will have a few second pause in between instead of transitioning smoothly into the next song?

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