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Best Music/Media Player App

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  1. cydewaze

    cydewaze Well-Known Member

    I've been using Winamp, but only because I was familiar with it. I might have to try out some of the other suggestions here. Any excuse to play with my phone :)

  2. gcobb

    gcobb Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty happy with it myself. I'm either missing something or it isn't showing the playlists on my phone when looking at the PC app. But it's like iTunes, less all the bloated options.
  3. DaveyBoy72

    DaveyBoy72 New Member

    Can anyone confirm if just one of these players support gapless?

    Looking at coming over to Android from iOS and as I've got 200ish gapless albums, it's pretty important for me. In fact, it's a dealbreaker.

    I'll still be using iTunes for my library* as my home computer is a Mac, and all of my music is in .M4A (AAC) format. Album art is stored in the files already, so I don't need it grabbing.

    If my crappy 4 1/2 year old iPod can do it, surely a state of the art handset with Android should have no problems, right?

    * I'm happy to drag & drop files, so don't need a transfer client.
  4. fikuserectus

    fikuserectus New Member

    PowerAmp plays every format I know of.

  5. Gavin James

    Gavin James Member

  6. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    The Rockbox port seems to be making headway, will support gapless playback.
  7. drbenne

    drbenne Active Member

    I feel ya on the gapless. I just downloaded the trial of poweramp and it tries to be gapless however not as seamless as i would like it to be.... very nice interface though with lots of options..

    this might do it for me for now until i find something with better gapless support
  8. DaveyBoy72

    DaveyBoy72 New Member

    I took the plunge and bought a Desire HD. Tried Music Player Pro, Winamp, Poweramp, and a couple of others, but the only one with gapless was Museek.

    With a 'setting' of 125ms, it works pretty well on all albums. Still a workaround, but it'll do me until something better comes along (Rockbox?).
  9. beenz

    beenz Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity, why does not having gapless playback a dealbreaker for you? What do you listen to that absolutely required this?
  10. sssthegreat

    sssthegreat New Member

    Check out arcMedia on the Android market. I had trouble playing high quality avi and wmv files on my HTC Desire using Meridion and other such players. I resorted to conversion of formats using ffmpeg to play on the mobile....had to compromise quality several times and was tedious.

    Tried ArcMedia...Plays anything like a charm....its the best player out there for a large number of formats including avi, mkv, divx, mov, mp4, rmvb, wmv, vob, xvid and growing. Site: http://www.arcmediasoft.com/
  11. juliofuentes923

    juliofuentes923 New Member

    I had trouble playing high quality avi and wmv files on my Desktop P-C is their any video player that I can Download. (Fron Samsun Facinate)
  12. crazy_hellige

    crazy_hellige New Member

    Ok, so I'm looking for a free music player where I can change songs without having to unlock my screen. I don't want my screen perpetually on either.... any advice?
  13. DaveyBoy72

    DaveyBoy72 New Member

    Ever heard this?
    As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Avalanches, Pink Floyd, Love by The Beatles, any DJ mix CDs (Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, etc).

    Having a continuous mix with gaps kind of defeats the object.

    And then you've got live albums.
  14. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    Just tried out Rockbox, not working well enough to be your day to day music player (I got a kernal panic error for the first time ever and had to reboot!). I couldn't see gapless setting, but it has very configurable crossfade playback, managed to try it out for a couple of track changes before obtaining white screen of death.

    It may not have been the latest version though, I just installed the ready-to-go apk from their website, which they acknowledge is not kept up to date. At XDA other users are reporting a better user experience.
  15. PeOiler

    PeOiler Member

    For me, Pink Floyd.

    (First post ya'll)
  16. wtfj1n

    wtfj1n Active Member

    i agree about the gapless playback, without it alot of albums just wont have the fluidity that they are supposed to have. It's supposed to be a seamless nonstop music experience, and if it gets broken it can be pretty damn annoying especially for those of us who are big on the music! This is actually quite helpful in helping me select my next phone purchase as media is also a big part of the experience I expect out of my phone.
  17. cruxader

    cruxader Member

    I want to use my tablet as camcorder review on site.
    The Canon Legria puts out .MOD & .MOI video.
    Is there any player that can play these files without conversion?
  18. billy124

    billy124 Well-Known Member


    can someone suggest anything player now?

    I got a DHD and it seems to have a built in one, but I think thats amazons, its not bad but it wont let me play music of my network drive, just want to knw if there is any better player to play music of my network drive with also good audio and features
  19. JulyDerek

    JulyDerek Well-Known Member

    Any updates on the best (Video) media player which plays AVI files too?
  20. steaky

    steaky Member

    I am a music junkie, and PowerAMP is the best Ive tried so far. Has many features. I am coming from iphone 3G so I am struggling a bit, as I do like smart playlists based on ratings and other info like year of the song.

    Going to try Zimly and Meredian next. Winamp hopefully improves...a lot. Its lacking so far in beta.
    PantsTimeJans likes this.
  21. joey1234

    joey1234 New Member

    Best player is still "PlayerPro" by Tristan for me. I love the fact it handles artist pictures/genre illustrations, lyrics and a variety of skins (more than 10 I think).
    Recently the DEV added a sleep timer, which is sweet (no other player has it). I can now listen to my music while falling a sleep :p.
  22. wtfj1n

    wtfj1n Active Member

    The sleep timer does sound like a nifty feature...but does this player offer Gapless play back?!
  23. flipn0tic

    flipn0tic Well-Known Member

    vPlayer is easily the best video player out there right now.
  24. ElPombo

    ElPombo Member

    Anybody knows an app for listening/viewing/reading medias from a NAS ?

    I m using DS Audio for the music but i don t find anything else.
  25. DroidXPhilly

    DroidXPhilly Member

    VLC Media player is supposedly coming to the app market in early 2011 (i forget wither it was droid central or endgadget i heard this from.) in any event, VLC can play a massive amount of formats, so you are no longer limited to the 3GP android/cellphone video format.

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