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  1. jetfactor

    jetfactor Well-Known Member

    The stock one is too basic. For example, you can't rename songs or copy them into different albums.

    I DL'ed the PlayerPro app and like it only okay. I DL'ed songs one by one to make an entire album on a free music downloader app, then made all of their "Album" names the exact same by copying and pasting in the hopes they would collaborate in the same album. Weirdly, some didn't, even weirder so, when I assign track number for songs in an album, some don't go into order correctly.

    Anyone else have this issue with PlayerPro? Is there a sweeter one floating around to get?

  2. drunkwithwords

    drunkwithwords New Member

    I personally love Double Twist. The free version is awesome but since purchasing the app, I definitely love wireless syncing. They also include podcasts and radio stations. I'm not sure about renaming songs or albums though. Hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. musick

    musick Well-Known Member

    You sure can.

    Connect to your computer, turn on USB storage on your phone and you can edit all the info from your desktop.
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  4. chrissurra

    chrissurra Well-Known Member

  5. pff1029

    pff1029 Member

    Metadata editing never failed for me on v1.x of PP. I would make sure your trial version (or full, whichever you have) is updated. Also, if it appears the metadata didn't update for you, quit the app (located in the menu button commands in any music selection/playback screen). Once you come back in, see if the updated info comes up in the same place.

    In folder view, my deleted podcasts won't leave the file list until I back out of my Podcasts folder and go back into it. Database updates don't seem to happen right before your eyes, but instead occur when you return to the same list from somewhere else in the folder hierarchy. The DB record for that folder refreshes the next time you return to the folder. Weird.

    I personally think PlayerPro can't get much better. Perhaps skinning can go further than the UI chrome and extend into new menu list styles and transition pizazz. Still, v2.0 has included some of the most demanded features like the ever-important custom EQ. If I had my way with PP (and any programming knowledge at all), I'd retool the interface to do something Zune HD-like. Adreno graphics should be almost up to snuff with Tegra 1-caliber GPUs.
  6. arbearce

    arbearce Member

    I've been using Winamp and have been liking it. It would be great if shoutcast worked with 3G.
  7. JoeWill1947

    JoeWill1947 Member

    I have also found Winamp to be the best app for playing music that you already have in memory. I wish it would play videos too.

    For Shoutcast, I have been using Xiialive lite and it has been close to perfect. I understand that it also works with Pandora but have not personally verified that.

    I hope that Android gets a program similar to iTunes for organizing and playing music and videos.
  8. the1trueyankee

    the1trueyankee New Member

  9. pff1029

    pff1029 Member

    I've only been happy with my music player since I got everything I wanted working perfectly within PowerAMP. Despite having an equally tweakable EQ, PlayerPro needed to cache more music in memory with the user EQ on if I didn't want to hear spurts and jitters in my music. PowerAMP is more efficient despite all it does and for all the eye candy it pumps out. Plus it just gets updated frequently with more substantial features.
  10. DoomyGIR

    DoomyGIR Active Member

    Tune Wiki is a cool app I think. It streams Shoutcast radio too which made me happy because Winamp wouldn't. \m/
  11. mjs2011

    mjs2011 Well-Known Member

    Agreed. TuneWiki is fantastic! It holds your music library and you can stream LastFM and Shoutcast radio. Plus, it displays song lyrics and can search for YouTube videos of the current song you're playing.

    TuneWiki is by far the best music player I've used, and I've tried Doubletwist, Mixzing, and PlayerPro.

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