Best N64 Emulator For Android

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  1. XAuTomaT1CX

    XAuTomaT1CX Member

    is there even one available

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  2. Clipp

    Clipp Well-Known Member

    N64oid... Google pulled it from the market, but you can get it from slideme N64oid | SlideME
  3. XAuTomaT1CX

    XAuTomaT1CX Member

    Thanks man I didn't know they made an n64 one, I have nes & snes one
  4. ryanenos

    ryanenos Member

    do you download this to your phone or computer?
  5. purelogicapps

    purelogicapps Member

    I think you have to go to the website on your phone. Also slideme has an appstore app, so you may need to get that.
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  6. andsa

    andsa Well-Known Member

    They even made an nds emu, but it recuires an quad core device to run properly or else it lags like a snail :p (lagged like a snail on my optimus 2x)
  7. spotty123

    spotty123 Member

    I think n64oid isn't the best emulator. try searching for "MupenPlus 64 AE" in market, more compatible emulator with many games. Still in development (works great though), so updates and improvements will be seen. or check (the devs website)
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  8. gold2040

    gold2040 New Member

    Just tried Mario Kart/Mario 64 on my Galaxy S and the speed is quite something, looking good so far :)

    all the games I just tested (bar Rayman 2, but that's a pretty advanced game) worked pretty damn fine, will look to donate to the author of this fine app!
  9. OptimusBry

    OptimusBry Member

    Awesome. I def recommend it. Plus it's free, so that's a plus!
  10. drdnaught1

    drdnaught1 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the free version of mupen64plus and right away noticed that an icon for "Top Offers" appeared in my desktop. Has anyone else noticed this? I got rid of mupen64plus and the Top Offers icon remained...I'm not yet sure how to get rid of it totally. It's not in my apps list and I'm worried that if I put it in the desktop's trash can, it will stay around somewhere and I won't know how to find it.

    Edit: I think it was mupen64plus, because that's what its title screen said. But it was actually called "N64 super emulator" on google play.
  11. benubis

    benubis Member

    Yea, from what Paul (dv) has said on his forum, people are using his code, changing the name and using It for aggressive advertisements. Before I dl'd the emu directly from his site, I went thru at least five copies with verbatim description and screenshots that, when directed to market, refused to be located.

    I wish I could find some plugins tho. It reminds of some of the more specialized emu's I used to dl to my pc on limewire.
  12. scarecorpmedia

    scarecorpmedia New Member

    I have made a How to video on "Playing N64 games on your andriod with a PS3 controller. let me know what you think, Hope it can help someone out.
    youtube dot com slash scarecorpmedia


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