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  1. Portella

    Portella New Member

    Hi all.

    I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3 in order to read and take notes. I don't care the small size, as compared to the 10.1, since I'll have to take it with me all the time, so the 5.3 is less clumsy.

    What I need is a good pdf annotation program, coupled with a good note taking app.

    I have researched some apps, like lecture notes (the trial version), but no matter how I configure the palm rejection, it still keeps saving the file as soon as I touch the bottom right corner with my palm. I like the S Note app, except for the resolution limit of the page.

    Whatever the problem maybe with those apps, anyone has priorities and mine are the integration of notetaking with readers, since I'll be taking notes from documents I'll be reading in the same device. It would be very nice to have a notebook associated with a specific pdf, so that when touching to take notes (as with the double tap in Galaxy Note) the last point of the notebook would open, so as to be able to continue the note taking process. I don't think that such integration exist, so, if someone could point me those application which would make the process of taking notes on a notebook from information taken from a pdf one is reading on the same device as close to this integration as possible, I would be grateful.

    Also, if there is a faster way to switch between apps than keeping the Home button pressed, please tell me. Switching between the note app and the reader multiple times while taking notes can, sometimes, be painful.

    Thank you.

  2. Portella

    Portella New Member

    After experimenting for a while, I was able to get the palm rejection to work well in lecture notes by unabling the "back button", which the palm rejection doesn't take into account.

    The app is great. My problem would be solved if only I could have a way to switch apps quickly. If I had been aware of the multitask capability of Galaxy Note II, I would pay more for it. The ability to just slide the screen division between two apps is all I need to make notes based on a text I'm reading.

    The fact is that I have Galaxy Note I 5.3, so, is there some tip to fast switching between apps?
  3. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    Lucky for you the Note will get JB with Multi Window. It's just a matter of time before Samsung push the update (no release dates as Samsung tend not to give them)

    The long holding of the home button is the quickest way to switch on a default ICS system but there are also some multitask / multi window apps on the Play Store you could try.
  4. Portella

    Portella New Member

    Thanks Bluenova. Very good news indeed.

    As for the multitask/ multi windows apps you refer, are they some kind of emulator of such an environment?

    So far, the best setup I got for my goal was with Lecture Notes and iAnnotator. This last one doesn't have palm rejection, but, in fact, to annotate Pdfs, I don't need it. For the notebook app it's indispensable.

    For a while, I thought about using only iAnnotator, since it has tabs for multiple Pdfs. The idea was to create a blanck Pdf file and use it as a notebook, so that switching between the Pdf I'm reading and the one I'm annotating to would be easy. Unfortunatly, it didn't work, not only for the lack of palm rejection, but also because the freehand writing mode in iAnnotator isn't very good.

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  5. staceychambers

    staceychambers New Member

    How did you disable the back button? is that just in the app?

    I have a Toshiba Thrive

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