Best notepad app?

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  1. tranzz

    tranzz Well-Known Member

    wow, thanks for that little tip! I'm still migrating my stuff over from my PalmOS Treo, and I've got over 100 memos for sure. I'm slowly cut-and-pasting them into googledocs right now. 100 doc max is pretty freakin' LAME! I swear! 100 max in the Android app GDocs, or actually online in gmail Google Docs thru the Android's browser?

    I guess I'll putz around making folders on my SD for local storage only and figure out about importing and exporting them to use them in gdocs or something.....

  2. sneaky_zekey

    sneaky_zekey Well-Known Member

    i know what the iphone app looked like. its cool,when you open it it list all your notes on one page,then you can touch on any of them and it opens that note page,plus you could add custom background on it, i use unote. havent used it often but you can note video,text,sound and share it
  3. tranzz

    tranzz Well-Known Member

    Colornote is very basic. You can;
    -- choose the color of the "paper"
    -- set a "reminder" easily to any time and date
    -- search, share, and sort
    Colornotes is somehow linked to "Color Dictionary" (which isn't a dictionary that you can use as far as I can tell), and Color Flashlight. It also can make one of it's notes into a "Widget".

    AK Notepad seems stable, and has more features than Colornotes. It adds;
    --- alarm sounds, colors, etc.
    --- import / export to SD card
    --- a folder shortcut
    --- fonts and sizes

    *My Memo adds;
    *-- document key "protection"
    *-- priority level assignment to memos
    *-- file attachments to memos
    *-- freehand sketching
    *-- document backup and restore (to/from an unknown location)
    *-- GPS map location noting and linking with Google Maps
    *but has no SD saving/import/export, or doc folder that I can find
    *-- no font control

    All 3 have minimal, lame documentation or "Help" of any sort. Websites included.

    GDocs (0.7.6) is in another class in many respects. It has far more documentation and "Help" integrated in the app, and even has an integral "Contact Support" (by gmail,Twitter, Facebook, and others) function. It is linked to 1 or more gmail accounts, and uploads/ downloads/ synchronizes with the "Google Docs" text doc's linked with those accounts. It apparently is limited to 100 "local" documents, and those are not kept in an accessible folder. It does not allow any control of document or display font characteristics or background color.
  4. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

  5. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    does evernote let the memo reside on your phone, so you can see it when in airplane mode?
  6. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Argh!!! Stupid Evernote! They had me all excited, and now they piss me off!

    So apparently with this version of the Evernote app, you can _create_ notes while offline, but you can not _view_ those notes, until you go online and upload them to the server. after you upload them to the server you can see them, but if you go _offline_ again, you can no longer view them!!!

    Hello, Evernote? STUPID!

    I'm off to the Evernote forums to complain, and to leave a nasty review note in the Market.
  7. dedPak

    dedPak Member

  8. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

  9. dedPak

    dedPak Member

    I have HTC HERO.

    This problem is solved, thank you :)
    I had beta version of EN on my phone and it did not take just uninstall, I had to reboot the device itself before I installed the new version.
  10. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    3banana, fantastic app. Allows me to tak picture notes for free (take note Note Everything)
  11. katahdin

    katahdin Well-Known Member

    the developer of Note Everything has just added an automated import from palm memos !! I imported converted 400 + in seconds !! So fast I thoughht there may have been a problem - but worked perfectly !! He did this after a request for help.
  12. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Is that in the paid ver only, or in the free ver? Some of us can't access paid apps yet. :-(
  13. katahdin

    katahdin Well-Known Member

    I believe its the free.

    FYI - Note Everything - update to the latest version (2.8.0) via market and can use the new functions - Import from Palm

    Read instructions here:
  14. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    I use Colornote. They've made a lot of improvements since this thread was created.

    Check out the link. Social & Mobile
  15. lefecious

    lefecious Member

    Can any of these programs do voice recording? I want to be able to speak notes while I'm driving. It would also be nice if they converted my voice into text.
  16. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    It has VTT (Voice to text) and TTV (Text to Voice).
  17. jancat

    jancat Well-Known Member

    I have left and then came back to colornote. I like the improvements.
  18. Dude2

    Dude2 Active Member

    Do any of the Notepad applications sync with a PC?
  19. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Evernote will, by syncing first to the online account, and then to the desktop app on your PC.

    As far as I am aware Evernote is the only note app for android that also has a desktop version.

    Note Everything will let you export text notes, which you could then sync to your PC via Dropbox (or the like). It also syncs with Google Docs, but that's in the cloud.

    Documents-To-Go is a full featured office app that will let you sync to your computer using a small app on your PC, you could then open the Word docs with Word or Open Office (or Libre Office). Of course Docs-To-Go is about $14.99 usually, sometimes it goes to $9.99.

    The other main note apps for Android sync to online "cloud" accounts that you have to access on your PC via a web browser.

    I am still waiting for the perfect note-taking app that will let me read/make notes on my device, and then sync to my PC without having to keep it in "the cloud". Unfortunately Evernote charges an annual fee to be able to access your notes on your device without a data/wifi connection (which can happen, like at the cottage, on a plane, etc).
  20. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    If you have/use OneNote on the PC you might want to check out MobileNoterSE. I'm pretty sure you can have it sync through the cloud but not actually store in the cloud. Even if it doesn't since MobileNoterSE works directly with OneNote files it shouldn't be to difficult to come up with a sync program to keep the files on your PC and Droid device in sync through a LAN connection.
  21. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Well-Known Member

    If you want something that covers all the bases try "FreeNote". It's heading towards OneNote style, because you can mix handwriting, paint strokes (incl about 10+ brush strokes like Neon), plus insert pictures, video, recorded sound, url hotlinks, page tages and hyperlinks to jump positions, layer support, scaling/zooming, multiple undo/redo incl the handwriting one word at a time;

    All this can be added on the one page or many, not separate pages like Note everything. Developer is constantly working on it to improve interface etc. and it's free to try. It's almost heading towards Onenote style style app. but much smaller. Looks quite simple on first appearance, but once you get into it - it's quite amazing. I ditched Note Everything after I found this. Just search for Freenote in the market.
  22. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    In case you have not already seen it, Microsoft has finally released an official OneNote app for Android.

    Market link:

    NOTE: You do NOT need to have OneNote on your computer to use this, but you will need to have a Windows Live (aka Hotmail) account.

    You can create, view, and edit notes in various notebooks, make photo notes, and checklists. The app will sync your notes to your Windows Live SkyDrive account.

    If you do have OneNote 2010 (it won't work with 2007) you can set it up to sync those notebooks to your PC.

    If you don't have OneNote 2010, you can still edit/create notes on a PC using the web version of OneNote.

    I highly recommend the full version of OneNote 2010. It is VERY powerful, more so than Evernote. It is the one MS Office program I use more than any other.

    Now that I have the OneNote android app, I will be getting rid of the various other text apps I use (Note Everything, Evernote, SpringPad, etc).

    ATTENTION: Just so it isn't a surprise, the app in the market is free, but only up to 500 notes (but really, that's a lot of notes!). Once you get past 500, you will have to make an in-app license purchase for $4.99 (US) which gives you unlimited notes.

    To put that into perspective, Evernote charges $45 per year in perpetuity for a premium account (and offline access to non-cached notes). It's also a hell of a lot less than buying the full version of OneNote for PC, and since you can use the OneNote web app for free, it's a pretty good deal.
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  23. astrosyn

    astrosyn Member

    I'm looking for a simple memo app like Wizard Memo, but with the delete button near each note and the option to delete all notes at once. Every app I tried didn't had one, the only way to delete notes was to open each one and choose "delete" action.
  24. jantonio6

    jantonio6 New Member

    Trying Freenote now... Not bad.. Handles all the simple things I need and free
  25. zanders

    zanders Member

    I use MPE notes as this sync's with Outlook notes with the use of 'MyphoneExplorer' client.

    it also has a widget.

    PS. forgot it has MPE Tasks which also syncs with Tasks on outlook. :)

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