Best online store for HTC EVO 4G accessories?

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  1. Fireace22

    Fireace22 Active Member

    I currently use an Invisible Shield for my Instinct, but I will be switching to Phantom Skinz because it seems like their have almost no orange peel according to people on this forum... I really don't like the way the screen feels with my IS.

  2. Android 17

    Android 17 Well-Known Member

    The problem being though, invisible shields and other skins like that don't protect against fall or drop damage whatsoever right?

    I suppose getting a full-protection case may be the best thing here, but I dread locking my EVO in one of those.
  3. Fireace22

    Fireace22 Active Member

    Just against scratches, go with a case and a screen protector and you are pretty much set.
  4. mkampy

    mkampy Well-Known Member

  5. SniperDroid

    SniperDroid Well-Known Member

    Back, sides and corners, just like a slip on silicon case/cover would.
  6. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    Someone on FB posted a link to a car dock for the HD2 on ebay for like 10 bucks with shipping. Will it work for our phone? I 'll have to find the link..
  7. echoota

    echoota Active Member

    If you're going to getting anything from Zagg I came across this 20% off coupon code, good until may 25th:

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  8. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    If HD2 and Evo has the charging & hdmi ports on the same place on the body, I could imagine it working. This is of course the ones that have charging capabilities. Not the generic car docks where you just place your phone on.
  9. dmac250

    dmac250 Well-Known Member

  10. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    Well HTC told me to wait and just get the one for the EVO that this might not work. But will the car dock for the EVO have a built in charging dock to also charge the phone. HTC accessories department said some docks do come that way.. That would eliminate a car charger so I guess I better wait before I buy anything more than a screen protector and a case. Has anyone used a mirror screen protector? My friend said he saw someone with one and he liked how if someone was looking over your shoulder they couldn't really see what you were doing? I found one for him here but don't know if it's any good or not.
    Amzer Mirror Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth :: HTC EVO 4G Screen Protectors :: HTC EVO 4G :: Droid Accessories for cheap !

    I just one the best and I am leaning towards that XO site or Zagg Maybe. One place said pre order and get the whole body pretector with it but I don't know if i'll want that on my phone. Anyone done the whole bidy before? My TP2 now is just a screen protector.

  11. RedWingsFan

    RedWingsFan Well-Known Member

    Just received this via FedEx today (even though my EVO won't be coming until July).

    First impressions is the quality is really good. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a pouch. I'm surprised at the size because for some reason i'd thought it would be bigger. I better measure this thing to ensure the EVO will fit.

    EDIT: After putting my blackberry tour inside of it, it will fill this case out nicely. May be a little snug width wise at first, but the size is right.

    Gives me a good idea on how the EVO will feel in my pocket.

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  12. SniperDroid

    SniperDroid Well-Known Member

    I was told by my guy at Sprint that the EVO was going to come with a case. He didn't say what kind though. I would assume some sort of pouch.
  13. KARbabee

    KARbabee Active Member

  14. devobail

    devobail Active Member

  15. SniperDroid

    SniperDroid Well-Known Member

    Sit down when you open this one, and make sure you are on carpet! :p J/K, had to do it :D
  16. xXSecretAgentXx

    xXSecretAgentXx Well-Known Member

    Just ordered from phantomskinz! :) Does anyone know if they have a lifetime warranty like Zagg provides?
  17. NiCK Crush

    NiCK Crush Well-Known Member

    i've considered PhantomSkinz, but i heard they aren't shipping til after the EVO comes out... Not sure I want to wait...
  18. KARbabee

    KARbabee Active Member

    LOL! Oh trust me, I've learned my lesson since then!!!! :eek:
  19. capthr

    capthr Well-Known Member

    Be careful with the cases Check the dimensions several that I saw advertised for the EVO were actually too small. they are generic cases not specifically made for EVO.
  20. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I hear ya, I'm crazy with the case also on the day of release. I haven't went through this in a while. Black Berry always ships with a case, and Apple was 5 walls full of case and screen protectors. However, I'll order that case here for the EVO, prob arrive on the 10th or 11th, no biggie. As well the screen protectors from boxwave when they drop. Hey ya never know, Sprint may surprise us along with Radio Shack, and BBUY, and have plenty of cool cases on hand!!!
  21. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    I spoke to a Sprint guy last nikght in tech support and he said a screen protector will come with the phone. One came with my HTC TP2. But I know people like to order there own specific brand. I need a case too and wanted an Amzer case but hate to wait till 6/7. My co worker just got a cool Otterbox one for her iphone. I'd like one of those for our phone when there out.
  22. pelebkf

    pelebkf Active Member

    I am assuming both of these are a soft case. But besides the Pattern what is the difference:
  23. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member

    Yeah I like this. I think this is what I want to go for. This will be an alternate choice for the holster. This is from the HTC website...correct? What was the price again?
  24. RedWingsFan

    RedWingsFan Well-Known Member

  25. dmac250

    dmac250 Well-Known Member

    looks like you might be right...oh well...i will hold on to it until i find another one i will serve its purpose for now :)

    I hate this time right now waitin and the build up...u see they are selling it on ebay already?

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