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  1. La Cosa Nostra

    La Cosa Nostra Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 16, 2010
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    Ok so im on my parents AT&T plan. Im going to have them cancel my line, and im going to open a VW account under my name.

    So my question is, what will be the best way to do this ie going to a verizon store, bestbuy, online?!?

    I would also prefer to do a 1yr contract, so if i go that route how much should i expect the incredible to cost?


  2. Sailingmaster

    Sailingmaster Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    Best way? Whichever way tells you they won't charge you an activation fee. Also, if you want to keep your phone number from AT&T, you don't want your parents to cancel or disconnect your line, that will happen automatically if you port your number to Verizon.

    As for the 1 year price? Ouch. Given what I've seen for other smartphones, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess $350-$400.

    Also you may want to consider having the store do the credit review ahead of time that way you know whether or not you need to put down a security deposit.

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