Best OS to run Emulator(/Android Development),Ubuntu or CentOS?

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  1. EmSherlocked

    EmSherlocked Member

    Which is better in running Android Emulator(/Android Development), Ubuntu or Centos?

    I've already tried running Emulator using CentOS, I'm not sure about Ubuntu. I'm assuming that the emulator runs faster, or has better performance when you run it in the other OS, or is it the same? If Ubuntu is better, which version? Thanks! :)

  2. OberSchutze

    OberSchutze Member

    Well CentOS is a RedHat distribution and Ubuntu is a Debian based one. So there are some serious package issues off of the top of my head that you must overcome unless you are using your own compiling. IMHO I prefer Debian distros over RedHat, and I have to use RedHat and CentOS at work. At home I use Debian with the new KDE interface and I enjoy it a lot. I don't think that the SDK and AVD will run any less effectively or more so on one distribution of linux or another. However back to using CentOS or Ubuntu, I don't like the unity GUI they developed and after they went to that I abandoned them, that being said, it is still a well developed and supported OS and it is the most popular of the Debian based distros. However pretty much anything that you can do on Ubuntu you can do on any Debian distro with little pain. Of the two I will take Ubuntu over CentOS though.
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  3. EmSherlocked

    EmSherlocked Member

    If there's no difference in running SDK and AVD on different OS (CentOS and Ubuntu), maybe I should stick to CentOS because I'm already used to its environment. Thank you for giving me this idea.
  4. uchat

    uchat Member

    You might want to look at the software packages that you plan to use too. CentOS generally has older version of software than Ubuntu.

    Like, if your app needs some graphics, you will need to use GIMP or Inkscape. These programs are updated less often on CentOS compared to Ubuntu, so you will have to use older versions if you are on CentOS.
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  5. OberSchutze

    OberSchutze Member

    Well he can use the makefile and just compile the source on CentOS, it is just more of a PITA than loading up a nice and handy DEB or RPM file.

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