Best Password Manager App??

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  1. The Splash ID desktop software as well as the software I had on my iPod touch were superior to the Android software. I stuck with it because it was easy for me to copy the data into the Android application. I noticed that most of the the applications I have tried that had iPhone counterparts were inferior. Hopefully some of these android developers get it in gear and start producing applications that are on par with the competition.

  2. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    i recommend keepass.

    keep in mind that if you are not into the idea of manually syncing your password database file, you can use dropbox in conjunction with sugarsync to auto-sync.

    sugarsync does essentially the same thing as dropbox but unlike dropbox, it already has an android app. actually sugarsync has some capabilities that dropbox doesn't, like you can sync any folder(s), not just one. i still prefer dropbox for it's simplicity, so i just use sugarsync to sync my dropbox folder to my phone. the two work together seamlessly.

    just place your password db file in your sugarsync/dropbox folder and boom! auto-sync with phone.

    use this link for more storage space:

    use this link for more storage space:

    EDIT: dropbox app now available in market.
    EDIT: on jan 1, 2011, sugarsync will take back any referral bonus space you get. i suggest using dropbox unless you really need sugarsync's added functionality.

  3. krischik

    krischik Member

    I guessed that much. I have a larger Vim-Script session in front of me to get the HandySave export into something Keeper will import.

    Well I'll soon start with my porting efforts.

  4. krischik

    krischik Member

    Automaticly coping the database is not sync. They are not the same and copy is in no way a viable replacement.

    Sync works on record level not file level. That is: If I add a new password on the desktop and another one on the phone after sync I have them both on both devices.

    Mind you, I already noticed that Callpod Keeper does not properly Sync delete operations :mad:. Which is a bit of a let down. To bad that one can not test sync with the demo version.

  5. ih77

    ih77 Member

    I use keepass on PC and the Android app. I sync the keepass database with dropbox and if I need to access the database on my phone I go to (the mobile site) and download the file to my phone. If I make any changes to the database on my mobile I can't sync back the other way until the dropbox android app is released (hopefully very soon).
  6. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    sugarsync + dropbox solves your problem until dropbox releases their own android app.

    automatically copying the database IS sync if it does it automatically everytime you make a change. which is what this does. if you try dropbox or sugarsync (or both), you'll see what i mean.

    that's exactly what happens.

    edit: maybe i'm misunderstanding you or something. here's what i'm saying...

    1.) install dropbox on desktop
    2.) install sugarsync on desktop
    3.) select your dropbox folder as a sugarsync folder
    4.) place keepass kdb file in it
    5.) on desktop, point keepass app to that file
    6.) on phone, install sugarsync app (and keepass app obviously)
    7.) when you make a change to the kdb file on your desktop, it will automatically sync to your phone.
    8.) likewise, when you make a change to the kdb file on your phone, it will automatically sync to your desktop.

    of course you can sync over multiple computers, you don't have to sync your entire dropbox folder, etc. but i'm just explaining the process. and for those who aren't loyal to dropbox, you can skip that part altogether and just use sugarsync alone.

    as far as working on the record vs file level, not sure what difference that makes. the end result is the same. and the experience for the user is the same. i suppose if you have the same kdb file open on multiple devices at the same time, there would probably be issues because the second session would essentially be read-only. but why would that ever happen?

    use this link for more storage space:

    use this link for more storage space:

    EDIT: dropbox app now available in market.
    EDIT: on jan 1, 2011, sugarsync will take back any referral bonus space you get. i suggest using dropbox unless you really need sugarsync's added functionality.

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  7. mycaddisfly

    mycaddisfly New Member

    I have been using splashid for years w/palm I can not get splash to sync w/ android ..splash help says the ip should be 198 ..mine is not ..any suggestions?
  8. krischik

    krischik Member

    Lets start with: which operating system are you using on the desktop side? I know there is a 90% that's it is windows - still I like to be sure before giving instructions.

    Then: which IP should be in the 198.169.0.x range - desktop, phone or both?

    Note that in most setups the IP numbers are organized by the router.

  9. mycaddisfly

    mycaddisfly New Member

    Ah is windows xp and also win7 ..
    The startup window on the desktop shows / asks for an Ip fact you can chnge it on the desk top window an then sync from the droid
    thanks for your intrest
  10. AaronT

    AaronT Active Member

    b-folders just came out with the windows version, it syncs to the android and works very very nicely. i have been waiting for the eWallet for android but i gave up. i actually like b-folders better now.
  11. krischik

    krischik Member

    Looks good - but only MS-Windows sync :(. The two competitors with sync also cost just under $30 but have Linux and Mac OS X desktop applications and at least iPhone and Blackberry mobile applications as well.

    So I wonder why one should choose b-folders.

  12. stkshooter

    stkshooter Well-Known Member

    I wanted to clear up this RoboForm info.

    Been using RoboForm on PC for 2 years and it works great. They use a Sync program called Good Sync which is part of RoboForm and keeps all devices in sync by online server.

    Your login / PW list is a bookmark type list. This list can show on browser or where ever you prefer. (ie,toolbar)You can select a website from RoboForm menu, it opens browser and logs you on to site all from 1 click. Why would anyone want to open browser, click on bookmark in browser, then use PW safe to enter info. to login ? Open RoboForm and enter PW, then select any previous site from it's list and RoboForm does the rest for you. You can do something else while all this is happening vs doing it yourself.

    If you are surfing the internet and stumble up on a site you have already registered, roboform has a pop up window that shows your bookmark. You can choose to use your PW info. that is saved to log you on vs entering or pulling up PW safe yourself to use it. It's already there when it noticed you where at the site.

    When you login to a new site, roboform offers to save all your info. in safe. That is when the bookmark is created under site name or what ever you would like to name it.

    RoboForm will offer to fill forms which is one big reason I got it. When you go to a website and have to register and create a PW, etc. I can just tell RoboForm to do it and I'm done in a few clicks. Info is saved and I'm registered. Done deal, I can get on with my life and 6 mo. from now when I return to that website all my info. is there.

    If my device crashes, all my info. is saved on Goodsync / other devices and will sync next time I login to roboform.

    I don't know how it could be any easier...

    PS: It was not FREE when I started using it but was worth the money vs FREE PW safes I tried. Guess the old you get what you pay for saying is true some times.
  13. starfarer

    starfarer Member

    Very much appreciated for advice and working perfect now. Only thing is still no idea why we need both.

    Edit: oh got it....only for loyal Dropbox follower :D
  14. bobzrag

    bobzrag Member

    just downloaded the beta version of dropbox from the market place, also downloaded keepass for pc & android - trying them out now as a replacement for ascendo's datavault which i had on my old bb - hopefully the sync works!
  15. JasonC

    JasonC Well-Known Member

    I use Passpack on the PC and have done for the last couple of years and been pretty happy with it. Now although there isn't an app to use it on Android yet, you can just access it the normal way via the browser which does work ok on my Desire with the standard Android browser.
  16. paimon.soror

    paimon.soror Well-Known Member

    +1 for Lastpass. I actually pay the 12 bucks a year so that I can use the app across all platforms, mobile, pc, etc.
  17. jgreetham

    jgreetham Well-Known Member

    On my Palm T|X I've been using DataViz Passwords Plus. No Android version yet though. I don't have an Android phone yet - a password & "other account stuff" safe is one of my requirements. My T-Mobile contract is up soon.

    Cheers, Jim
  18. awrothe

    awrothe New Member

    On my Palm I used Pasword Plus and contacted them about an android version. They don't have any plans on doing an android version.
  19. awrothe

    awrothe New Member

    I want to try B Folders so I went to B-Folders for Android and downloaded a free version. It was saved as a zip file and I unzipped it. What do I do next to install it on my Eris? Can I email the files to myself and save them to my card or do I connect to my computer and save to the SD card? I doesn't seem to have a desktop version in the files I downloaded.
  20. cwalker22

    cwalker22 New Member

    I've downloaded KeePass onto my computer, and also the app on my Droid. I've also downloaded DropBox onto my computer and the app on my Droid. Please tell this grandma who is still learning what to do next. Thanks!
  21. rfreschner

    rfreschner Active Member

    I've been using Passwords Plus for many many years on Palm and that's a shame because none of the ones I've seen mentioned here appear to have the flexibility or customization options available in Passwords Plus.
  22. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    once you've installed it, just start using it like any other folder. :)
    here's a demo video.
    here's a FAQ.

    you need to create a new database for your passwords, and place that .kdb file in your dropbox.
    here's the first steps tutorial.

  23. roastdawgg

    roastdawgg New Member

    I have been using KeePassX on my Ubuntu workstation for years. I am not thrilled that dropbox won't keep my password database sync'd automatically. I am considering moving to LastPass because of the ease of use. I would even pay for it. What good is having the password DB on a phone if it won't launch the website and log me in...typing complex passwords on a smart phone is annoying.

    not a diss to keepass, they have a great product. I just realized I need more features at this time.
  24. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    edit: never mind, misunderstood.
  25. lifeaquatic69

    lifeaquatic69 New Member

    Do you have a Windows or MacOS version of the desktop part?

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