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  1. Jorte App

  2. Calendar Pad Pro App

  3. iRT Calendar App

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  4. Gemini App

  5. Hubkap Mobile App

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  6. Pure Caledar Agenda Widget

  7. Androidlet Calendar Widget

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  8. aniAgenda Widget

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  9. Pure Calendar Grid Widget


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  1. I have a new HTC Incredible on order.

    One of the big reasons that I am switching phones was because my Windows Mobile calendar messed up the times (shifted things an hour off) and totally messed up my entire calendar. I cannot afford to have any calendar issues, so I need a ROCK SOLID calendar that is stable, synchs well, integrates well, allows for recurring inputs, and has nice month, week, and daily views.

    Most threads about calendar apps were started several months ago, so I was wondering what the latest developments and updates to these apps and widgets might have done to your evaluation of them. Personally, I would love to get in on the public beta of PI when it is finally announced. I have used Pocket Informant and Agenda Fusion on my Windows Mobile devices before. I have never used CalenGoo, but something like that would be wonderful, too.

    What is the latest and greatest you have found regarding the DINC and:

    Jorte App vs Calendar Pad Pro App vs iRT Calendar App vs Gemini App vs Hubkap Mobile App


    aniAgenda Widget vs Pure Calendar Grid Widget vs Pure Caledar Agenda Widget vs Androidlet Calendar Widget

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  2. You may select more than one option in the poll.

    If your fave isn't named in the poll, please post.

    Also, feel free to describe what doesn't work for you about some of the other options and why you have chosen what you have chosen.

  3. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    Stock calendar+Stock agenda widget

    gCalendar does all the heavy lifting, I just need quick and easy access to the info.
  4. nightfishing, are you using My Calendar or did you click on Calendar, Menu, More, Calendars, and UNCHECK MY CALENDAR? I hear that if you want to synch a Google calendar with the Incredible My Calendar, you have to make sure you are adding the event to one of your Google calendars and not the HTC default "My Calendar". When you add an event, there is a drop down at the top that lets you select which calendar you add to. The My Calendar, is ONLY on the phone and does not sync with anything. If you play around in the settings, you can turn off the My Calendar, so that it doesn't appear as a choice, and this will make your Google calendar the default. (On a related note, HTC Contacts does the same thing. There are your Google contacts, Facebook contacts, and a My Contacts which is ONLY on the phone and does not sync. So, you have to be careful when adding new contacts or you run into the same thing.) Also, do be careful when you edit an "all day" event. Editing an existing all day calendar event causes the date to be incremented by one day. If you are not careful to reset the date before saving your changes the event will "disappear" into the next day. To see this in action 1) Add a calendar event and check the "All day" box. 2) Save. 3) Select the event. 4)Press the menu button and select "Edit event". 5) The event's date will now be one day in the future.
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  5. I am really looking for a STABLE, RELIABLE calendar that won't mess up my times when synching.

    My old AT&T Tilt shifted all of my times by an hour once and totally messed up my entire calendar because I added dates and times after this happened and had some shifted and some correct. I need a goof-proof solution.

    I also LOVE seeing what is on each day (written out) in month at a glance mode. I know Jort, iRT, and Pad do this. Does Gemini?

    Among the apps that do show what is written on each day in month mode, which is the most stable? Which offers the highest level of convenience, flexibility, and options when setting things like recurring events, etc.? Which handle daylight savings time changes the best?
  6. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    I leave "my calendar" as an option, but mostly add events to one of my gCalendars.

    There are times when it is useful just to add it to the phone.

    Compared to the mind f&%k it was to sync Google Calendar to my BB, Droid is a breeze.

    Now, if Google woul;d just fix the "invite" bug, I would be 100% "happy".
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  7. Wabbits

    Wabbits New Member

    I prefer Jorte because it gives you a lot of widget sizes and the ease of using it and syncing it with google. I have not tried Gemini.
  8. tdieckman

    tdieckman Well-Known Member

    I use the Blik Calendar Widget.
  9. Doh! How could I have forgotten to include Blik in the poll
  10. So far looks like folks are liking Jorte. Has anyone had trouble editing events after they create them?

    Also, remember you can select more than one option in the poll (e.g. an app and a widget if you use both).
  11. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest

    My vote goes to Jorte, love the interface and widgets.
  12. jwade80

    jwade80 Active Member

    My vote goes to Pure Cal Agenda Widget. Not only does it pull my Google cal, it also shows my Google Tasks. And it's customizable and easy to add events or tasks:D
  13. Adebisi

    Adebisi Well-Known Member

    I just got Jorte but how do I get the widgets? (I am an Android noob and have a desire on 2.1)
  14. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    This is what I loved best about Pocket Informant and miss most about the google calendar. I didn't know PI was coming out for Android - I'll sure want to give it a try IF it uses the Google Calendar data - I don't want to worry about syncing.
  15. EinZtein

    EinZtein Well-Known Member

    I use jorte with calwidget.
    Give cal widget a try.
  16. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    Just downloaded and tried jorte. I set it to use Google Calendar, and when I add an event in Jorte it shows up on the phone's google calendar (in "my calendar" but not in the calendar with my user name) so it doesn't show up on the web calendar, since that shows my username calendar in My Calendars. I didn't word this right, but hopefully got my point across. Anyway, how do I get events I add in Jorte to sync to the web calendar?
  17. skimminstones

    skimminstones Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know a calendar app that will sync with facebook and load up birthdays? The HTC one on my old Hero did it automatically but i cant find a way of getting it on my x10
  18. Maybe Jorte uses the phone's calendar as a backbone in some way. Make sure your phone's calendar is set to the Google calendar (instead of the phone's "my calendar") and also make sure Jorte's is set to the Ggogle calendar and see if that does the trick.
  19. wcattey

    wcattey Member

    This same thing is happening to me.
    I have CAREFULLY verified that Jorte is using Google Calendar. (It successfully imported everything from Google Calendar.)
    I CAREFULLY verified that calendar sync is running. (I went to settings and performed a manual sync.)
    But NO the event I created for today is NOT showing up in Google Calendar.

    Update: I just installed Gemini on my Verizon Eris Android Phone running 2.1. It fails to sync new events created in Gemini with my google calendar as well!

    But the new events ARE seen by the Eris Calendar app running on the phone, and for whatever reason, new events created in the Eris Calendar app **DO** sync with the google calendar.

    Does anyone have any idea where I should take this bug report?
  20. wcattey

    wcattey Member

    I get to answer my own problem, and perhaps help others.

    I just noticed that, in addition to the "Select Calendar" setting (which specifies the calendar for display) there is a "Default calendar" setting:

    "Select a default calendar for new events. (Google Calendar mode only.)"

    When I opened this and set it to the google calendar in my gmail account, sync started working!

    It also now works in Gemini.

    Can someone tell me why there is an interface for specifying the calendar for new events separately from the current calendar? When I am using an email reader, I don't want to bother specifying that email I compose should go to a DIFFERENT email system than the one I'm currently using to read email.

    So kayst, and others: Make sure your calendar is set in BOTH places to make sync work.
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  21. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    That was certainly obscure, but it worked. Thanks.
  22. Jorte was okay- it did a good job syncing calendars and task lists, but it didn't do a very good job with tagging separate kinds of lists, which is how I prefer to organize. It is also a bit dry. I tried Astrid simultaneously, and so far, it is a far better program. Astrid does a great job with keeping track of various lists and does send you little creative reminders based on when you told it you wanted to be done with various tasks. You can put icons on your home page to represent those lists and access them quickly- such as "appointments" and "home projects" and "errands". It obviously syncs to your google calendar, although setting alarms and adding events takes longer than I would like it too.

    Part of the problem is that I came from a Palm Centro, which I LOVED for setting alarms, task lists, etc. It was fast, elegant, and easy to manage. It didn't sync with Google, but I didn't care. Now I sync with Google, but everything takes a little longer. My google calendar alarm isn't effective at keeping me scheduled by itself because the "alarm" is a short and soft notification (so I don't get clobbered for every little detail-) and if I happen to miss it, I miss my appointment! It doesn't require that I check off anything, and it doesn't repeat itself until I acknowledge I've seen it like my palm centro did. Astrid has the "RING until I answer" option which is helpful, but it doesn't have the easy option of just going off, and reminding you every 10 minutes until you say enough already, nor is it set up to show the appointment, and easily remind you in advance. You have to set the appointment for earlier if you want it to ring for earlier and then remind yourself in the notes section what time your appointment is really scheduled for.

    Maybe there isn't a better APP- I haven't found one yet. But My vote is definitely for Astrid so far. I have had contact with the author a few times, and he was very helpful. Only bug that "bugs" me is that it keeps an eternal log of all your tasks, even after you delete them. Why???? Also, I wish when I were setting a date it would show a true calendar so you can see what day of the week you are picking rather than just a little date and time window.

    I'm satisfied with Astrid, like it better than anything else, but not yet overjoyed.
  23. Looking4beach

    Looking4beach Active Member

    Blik calendar here too!:)
  24. loki16

    loki16 Member

    Any of these import and use the reminders/alarms i have setup in Outlook (and then synced to Gmail)? looks like Jorte doesn't but maybe i'm missing something.
  25. RustyNail

    RustyNail Well-Known Member

    FYI -- Pocket Informant public beta is now available in the market.

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