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  1. .MgB.

    .MgB. Member

    Being a VZW employee, by various means, I have had about 8 phones in the last year (by line upgrades and work phones). These have included the Droid 1, Fascinate, Continuum, Charge, Thunderbolt, Droid 3, and the Incredible 2 as well as a couple Blackberrys, HTC Trophy, and Fathom (worst f'ing phone ever).

    I have had the Inc 2 since it came out as my work phone. With the 2.2 software I was impressed by its speed and size. Since the 2.3 update I have been floored. This phone blew away the Droid 3 I had on my personal line even though it has half the processing power. The size is perfect, nice big screen, and such a thin phone. I really don't have a lot more to say about the phone beyond expressing it is (in my humble opinion) the best phone VZW sells (as well as the iPhone, for the people who swing that way).

  2. Stealthman

    Stealthman Well-Known Member

    That is good to hear, it's the best phone I've had to date. Very smooth and everything just works right.
  3. MPGohl

    MPGohl Member

    can't wait to pick mine up in a couple days.
  4. esn

    esn Well-Known Member

    I think this phone is a hidden secret you usually don't hear too much about it! Glad I have one!
  5. 8.5x11

    8.5x11 Well-Known Member

    This is reassuring. Im getting a Dinc2 tomorrow in the mail from Asurion as a replacement for my original Dinc which took a screen shattering tumble this weekend. I wasn't thrilled about losing my Dinc as it was the best phone I've used. Hoping the Dinc2 continues the streak. I also have an available upgrade if I hate it. For $50 it's a steal. I can just sell it if I hate it...
  6. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    It is a very nice phone. I just hope HTC comes out with a fix for all the little bugs I'm reading about that GB is causing.
  7. sethwardo

    sethwardo Member

    I couldn't agree more with what you say. Having owned a plethora of android phones this one just feels and works perfect.
  8. Fuzzone

    Fuzzone Active Member

    I agree 100%. best phone EVAH! And I have used everything from the old BBs to the iPhone and DINC1 and finally DINC2. It has everything that I ever wanted in a phone. It now has an unlocked SIM. I can take it anywhere in the world, be on CDMA or insert a local GSM SIM and be online on local rates. Is lightening fast. Thinner and lighter than any other phone of its size screen. Two cameras. Longer battery life. No problems at all. MAN!! I am loving it :)
  9. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Well-Known Member

    Oh well, I can't restrain myself any longer.

    I am gonna go out on a limb here, and just say it.

    hTC Droid Incredible 2:

    The phone Neo should have had in The Matrix.

    Ahh, I feel better now.
  10. zimmy

    zimmy Well-Known Member

    100% agree...

    Now if they can just get Skype video chat to work, then my life will be complete!
  11. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Well-Known Member

    Skype video chat does work with DINC2, after you update to gingerbread and download the right version of skype.
    Search the forum, it will tell you how to do it.
  12. bosh

    bosh Active Member

    I've just spent about an hour in Verizon store playing with all the phones. The Inc2 seemed to be the most responsive and smooth. It also downloaded Internet pages faster (3g).
    I went right over to Costco and bought one for $29.00.
    Couldn't be happier.
  13. MPGohl

    MPGohl Member

    Just got my INC 2 yesterday and so far its an awesome phone. Not sure where everyone's at that is having trouble with signal strength but i'm out in Kansas and have perfect signal. My battery life is comparable to my old Moto droid once i changed it over from Global to CDMA. My wife bought an iphone had it 2 hrs and returned it for a INC 2

    "best phone i've ever had"
  14. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut? VIP Member

    I try to do my research before buying into something I'll be stuck with for 2 years, and I am glad to hear a VZ employee confirm my findings.
    This is by far the best phone out there (in a conservative, balanced way)!
  15. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Well-Known Member

  16. VA_Joe

    VA_Joe Active Member

    I picked up my Inc2 on Friday. $29.99 at Cocstco!

    Amazing upgrade from my Eris running GB.

    Now just waiting for root.

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