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  1. Muuurgh

    Muuurgh Well-Known Member

    Hi Lesage

    2 points I think you should consider if you're going Android. Number 1, you are putting all your information in 'The Cloud'. In other words, your computer and your phone become an extension of your contact information / emails that are stored on Google's servers. So when you are saying transfer of information from Outlook to a Mac, you should instead be transferring it now to a Google account. If the amount of information Google allows you to store per contact is adequate then you can then sync with any PC (Mac or Windows or Linux). And that can definitely be done via Outlook CSV with no need for any app, paid or otherwise. Export an Outlook contacts CSV, then import into the Contacts area of your googlemail account.

    The second point is that the Pulse doesn't differentiate between your Google contacts. As you've probably seen from earlier threads, this means that every person you ever email from a gmail (googlemail if you're in the UK) account will end up as a contact in your phone, and once you get over 1200 you run out of space. There's a limit. On other phones (definitely the HTC Hero) you can specify that you only want the 'My Contacts' area of your Google contacts migrated to your phone.

    As for the Notes section, that works fine, in all directions that I could think of testing.

    I hope you enjoy the Mac, I've been loving mine since I first got it 2 years ago, still as good as ever. The Mac to Google sync, btw, is built-in to Snow Leopard (10.6).

    If you have any more questions, it'd probably be best to open a separate thread about Mac's, business stuff, etc, but I'll do my best to reply to any you have.

  2. lesage

    lesage Active Member

  3. lesage

    lesage Active Member

    Thanks for the comments. I recognise the cloud-centricity and am a little wary. The comments re syncing all google addresses you ever sent mail to give a feeling that youre not really in charge and that gets my back up...The limit on google contacts doesnt help. I will follow up on your suggestion of centering things on Google but might still prefer to have things Phone to PC or mac and keep google at a little distance. I no doubt have some learning to do but start from a position of a diehard sceptic
  4. psionandy

    psionandy Well-Known Member VIP Member

    T-mobile UK had a promotion just before Christmas where they were selling it for a couple of days at about the
  5. lesage

    lesage Active Member

  6. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

  7. JohnD

    JohnD New Member

    This is the best phone in the world!
  8. ZXRichie

    ZXRichie Active Member

    Cant understand everyones comments about not Syncing to Outlook, i used 2 or 3 apps including the road warrior that was free, and i dont have any trouble. i do however sync with my exchange server at work, might make a difference, but all in all its a great phone.

    Only annoying thing is when you are writing, there is no way to go backwards without using the delete key, ie there is no up/down, left/right cursor. (and dont say use the down and left arrow, that just sends the text!)


    ps i love android, cant beat open source..
  9. lutin

    lutin Well-Known Member

    Not sure what you mean here - have you tried using the trackball? Or just touching the place where you want the cursor to be?
  10. ZXRichie

    ZXRichie Active Member


    The bl00dy Trackball....of course...DOH!!! shoot me.

    (tried touching , but with my fingers...)

    Thanks a lot,

  11. lutin

    lutin Well-Known Member

    Great to hear you got it sorted - that would've been mighty frustrating!
  12. lesage

    lesage Active Member

    I return to this original question. I learn in a separate thread that batteries arent available; and T-M has pulled the phone from its website. Huawei have similarly withdrawn it from their website which is more ominous

    Oh, and theres a megaspat between Google and China

    Im left with the thought that you may not see an update from 1.5 -- ever (Huawei website talks of updates on future 'models'); and T-M reportedly replaces faulty batteries with a new phone. But once stocks are exhausted....? I have just bought a pulse, in fact, at a lower price than that previously advertised. But with the likely lack of support I might send this back as soon as it arrives. Best in the world or not
  13. lutin

    lutin Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you should return it as soon as it arrives mate as you don't sound very sure of your purchase and I'm not going to bother convincing you otherwise.

    Personally, I absolutely love mine.
  14. lesage

    lesage Active Member

    I think that on the basis that this phone's life is as long as that of its battery, then its too costly for me to keep. I'm going to return it and maybe get an iPhone as its likely to be far cheaper (and seems to have fewer issues)
  15. liza

    liza New Member

    well i wouldn't recommend it, i gad to quote the consumer act to give t-mobile to replace my phone. By luck i obtained mine free through an upgrade, so if you thinking about buying one get the htc model.
  16. helikopter

    helikopter Active Member

    funny that you mention the iphone as apple's products (ipods, iphone and now macbook, too) are famous of their non-replacable batteries. :DDDD
  17. lesage

    lesage Active Member

    oh dear how awful. Does one throw them out after a year or two then?
  18. Muuurgh

    Muuurgh Well-Known Member

    The new macbooks do not have a user-replacable battery, but it can be taken into a store to have it replaced. This is an advantage as they can make the body of the laptop one shell, making it harder to break through wear and tear and harder for dust and stuff to get in. Plus a larger battery resulting in longer use time. And there are plenty of how-to's on how to replace ipod and iphone batteries.

    Anyway, back on topic. My pulse lasts for 2+ days. By turning off all non-essential stuff and using it as just a phone on the 2G networks it can last a long time. If I'm at home I'll switch on Wi-Fi only when I want to access the internet, and only go on 3G when I'm using the internet out and about.

    As for a new battery, you may not be able to get a manufacturer approved battery, but that doesn't mean there aren't other batteries out there that are compatible. I'm no expert by any means on the subject, but if you can match the form-factor and input/output capacity it should just work. If you have the tools and time and experience, of course.

    @Lesage: The iphone will not be cheaper in the long run, as you can get 2 or 3 pulse's for 1 iphone. But I did recommend not getting the pulse: so in a tongue-in-cheek manner, I told you so ;)
  19. lesage

    lesage Active Member

    Yes I recognise your points which are well made but the finances of it DO depend on a decent replacement pulse battery being available. (I have a v recent macbook pro, and have also opened up a previous version macbook using iFixit guides, so I understand your mac related comments).

    One of the more curious things is that in France (where I am at present) Bouygues offered the Huawei U8320 officially only from 16 Dec last and priced it on a PAYG contract for........wait for it........ 279 euros (
  20. amd3000

    amd3000 Member

    I wish i could agree. Had mine 3 weeks and on the verge of returning to my N95.

    No voice dialing.
    No onboard voicemail inbox.
    No spare batteries available, or silicone cases.
    Poor battery life.
    Cant install protected apps from market, (which is a complete jumble anyway) (shame on you Google)
    A calendar that can't delete a single entry from a repeat event. Only the whole event string.
    No password protection available for sms, lock screen or any other app on the device.
    Cant save sms to sd card/device or create folders to store them in by default which is such a basic requirement.
    Limited profiles without 3rd party apps.
    Low storage space on phone for apps.
    Cannot run apps from sd card unless you root or flash a custom rom.
    Probably never going to get an upgrade to 2 or 2.1 as only 60 meg storage in total to play with so not sure how that would work.
    Long text messaging, anything above 3, is converted to mms which you pay more for. Unless you use Handcent which can disable that feature.
    Sync works when it feels like it.
    Poor quality camera with no flash.
    No 3g video calling which makes the front/secondary camera a complete waste of time.
    Its been pulled by t-mobile.

    etc etc etc

    On the plus side it has an excellent screen, feels good in your hand, copilot runs a treat on it and Googlemail is flawless.

    So no... not the best phone in the world :) but each to their own :)
  21. lesage

    lesage Active Member

    Yes; that's a fair summary. I didnt return mine when, yesterday, T-M assured me that spare batteries are available at T-M retail stores. One needs an additional or spare phone if you get the Pulse. As CoPilot works with it, its like a rather interesting TomTom equivalent. Perhaps the spare phone should be an iPhone :). Or maybe a
  22. amd3000

    amd3000 Member

    Hi Lesage,

    Let me know if you manage to get one from T-Mob shop. Called into mine today and they have none and are not aware of any arriving. The guy said as far as he was aware t-mob do not have any and is not aware of any plans to stock any.

    Having said that i phoned tech help over something simple and the guy on the other end of the phone said 'there is no such phone as a t-mobile pulse' so ..... who knows regarding batteries :)
  23. lesage

    lesage Active Member

    Its interesting: A TM person in the Ealing retail shop had never heard of the pulse too. I finally accepted the Pulse on the strength of the statement of the TM woman (who had an american or similar accent) that batts were available. I tried to type an sms with a few complex words tonight. It was a v difficult experience. I fear this phone isnt for me (and yes I have taken the protective film off the face of the screen).
    [Post script: using the keyboards is individual to point of idiosyncratic: after the bad experience mentioned above I experimented at length & found that if I held the phone in left hand, landscape, used android keyboard, typed with right index, it was OK. I suspect that one should wash ones hands before, ideally, so that they're grease free but slightly humid from the traces of the water left on/in skin. This possibly assists conductivity of the capacitive kb,and keeps screen clean(er) when holding phone in left hand and typing with right. Somehow such hygiene instruction doesnt fit in easily with phone marketing and T-M quick start guides but it strikes me as being curiously important :). Cleanliness, godliness, capacitveness.
  24. lesage

    lesage Active Member

    A few other things which Pulse (or Android) will not do:
    Copilot running on Andoid wont access the Contacts (as it requires Outlook format) - inconvenient; however the speed and tenacity with which Pulse links to satellites is nothing short of remarkable (and this, probably, with the Copilot software, is the phone's saving grace)
    Pulse wont 'reverse tether' - take an internet connection via USB from a PC: also very inconvenient
    It wont sync via bluetooth (not sure it does anything useful via bluetooth)

    It very badly needs Android 2 (or 3 when it comes)
  25. lesage

    lesage Active Member

    The T-M person at local shop said he didnt stock the batteries but after phoning around he said he could get one in about 3 days if I ordered one. I wasnt certain that he wasnt giving me a slightly quick answer despite the phone call. He thought it would be around

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