Best phone Telus offers?

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  1. Lenerdosy

    Lenerdosy Active Member

    I have been with telus for almost 2 1/2 years now and am coming up on my 6 month buffer on September 1st and am looking to upgrade from my old BB Storm which is pretty much crap now since the battery only lasts like 8 hours and constantly freeze/memory loss.

    So I have been looking at the Androids on Telus, unfortunately there is no GS2 which I was really hoping (Bell has it so am contemplating hopping over since I saw one of the dealers had a great deal on a plan but not sure if Bell will take me back after I threatened them with lawyers a couple years back with such crap reception on my phone lol).

    Pretty much there is the GS1, HTC Desire HD right now. Does anyone know if they are releasing new phones any time soon that are good? I know the Iphone 5 is coming out in October and not 100% interested in it but if its the best phone available over the next while I may have to go with it.

    Woops forgot telus link :

  2. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    Telus will be getting a variant of the SG2, called Hercules. It's going to have a 4.5"screen and Gingerbread. I'm not sure on the exact release date, but it will probably be in September. Telus will also most likely, if not definately, get the Nexus Prime. It would be a good idea to hold out pulling the trigger for a few weeks to see what pops up. Not to mention the new Blackberries that have come out.
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  3. Lenerdosy

    Lenerdosy Active Member

    I wouldnt get a new BB till my contract runs out next March when abouts the QNX software is rumored to come out.

    Oh sweet thats why I mainly asked to see if anyone knew of some ideal phones that are coming out and if they do get their own SG2 or Nexus Prime then I will be excited. Thanks mate.
  4. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    ^ this, don't buy a BB until QNX. I'm holding onto my 9300 until then.
  5. Harper77

    Harper77 Well-Known Member

    I almost switched to Bell for the Galaxy on the wknd before I read your post. Did a little research and so glad I followed that little voice in my head to wait and stick with Telus for the Herc.

    From what I read the Herc is gonna be saweeetttt!! I called Telus yesterday and while they don't know the exact date there are some rumblings, as U mentioned, Sept or Oct.

    I am gonna hang-on to my Crapberry until this comes out. Bell isn't worth the switch. :)
  6. Lenerdosy

    Lenerdosy Active Member

    Ditto still rocking my original Storm so can't wait to finally update.
  7. Magicgfx

    Magicgfx Member

    I can't believe there is more people on this forum on telus, stilll rockin' a storm.

    My original storm broke and I currently have the storm 2, but I'd say you're lucky to get 8 hours battery, mine lasts 3-4 of heavy usage and it just sin't cutting it anymore.

    I'm awaiting their next droid flagship :)
  8. Lenerdosy

    Lenerdosy Active Member

    Thats what a 3 year contract does to you :S Still gotta try to keep it running.

    May install a new OS release and hope I get a bit longer out of it.
  9. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    Just an update:

    No SGSII/Hercules, just yet, but it is up on Telus' site. It will be arriving shortly. I'm just surprised they didn't get it on the shelves to compete with the 4S. Oh well. I just can't wait to see it and the Galaxy Nexus. :D
  10. Lenerdosy

    Lenerdosy Active Member

    Its been sitting on "coming soon" for 3-4 weeks now, even called and asked customer service for an ETA and they had no idea.
  11. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    According to Mobilesyrup, Oct 28th for the Galaxy SII, not sure about the HTC Amaze, I'm keeping an eye on either of those two since my upgrade is coming soon- either those two or the BB 9900.

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