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  1. mps83

    mps83 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, was just wondering what you guys suggest i can use as a phonepad type keyboard, you know the old type where you have the numbers 0-9 with the letters on each one. I'm currently having to use the stock qwerty on the X8 and the letters are far too small for my hands to cope with. Keep making plenty of mistakes. Any ideas what i can use? Thanks.

  2. roby811

    roby811 New Member

  3. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

  4. mps83

    mps83 Well-Known Member

    thanks mate, downloaded this the other day but for some reason it wouldnt work after install, but i thought what the hell i'll try it again and it works. Its just like the keypad on my old Hero, thanks a million:)
  5. vheen03

    vheen03 Member

    This phone has a phonepad type keyboard. on the qwerty keyboard, long press the input button (EN/CH) to show the option to change the on-screen layout. There is also an option to activate the swipe to switch layout. Just swipe the keyboard horizontally to change the layout. Hope this helps.
  6. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    Ermm... For some reasons I like the default keypad hehe
  7. adele2102

    adele2102 New Member

    Don't know if I'm just being really thick but please can you tell me which is the "input button" and what the (EN/CH) is. I'm desparate to get this number keypad as my fingers are too fat for the Qwerty keyboard but I'm losing the will to live!!

    Many thanks!!
  8. jporch316

    jporch316 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem when I updated to android 2.1 the option os wype stopped wporking - i presumed it was because i bought my phone from singapore - but you can only change the keyboard option s on the chinese keyboard. It drove me mad enough to install the HTC IME keyboard - works perfectly
  9. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    I don't have this either so I wonder if it is a regional thing?

    I use the HTC_IME Keyboard so have a look through the linked thread above and see if that suits your fat fingers!! In actual fact I have slim fingers but I still prefer to text using the numeric pad both on my X8 and X10 - I am soooo much faster!
  10. Jsalv

    Jsalv Member

    a really stupid question how to install it on the mobile phone? thats the only shit i dont know =S
  11. iwanarifs

    iwanarifs Member

    I used smart keyboard, with the option you can make the pad larger and smaller (with dragging keyboard in the option setting). And also you can choose the theme for the keyboard.

    First, download the keyboard. you can find it from market or other source such as the above posting.
    Second, go to SETTING > LANGUAGE & KEYBOARD > then find new keyboard option and setting on it, then mark it.
    Third, go to any input box such as message or phonebook, then press and hold on the input box. then choose INPUT METHODE, you find it!

    Try it!
  12. Tibbers

    Tibbers Member

    I've been using "better keyboard" now, it is a paid app, but it is good. I like it the best so far.
  13. dianhelyana

    dianhelyana New Member

    Hi. i got the same problem as u. the swipe keyboard does not work after i install other keyboard. some how the chinese keyboard is not working. do u have any idea how to make it work as per original? i mean i want the swipe keyboard to work because i prefer using the 12 keypad keyboard. thanks. Or anyone has any solution to enable the chinese keyboard???
  14. jporch316

    jporch316 Well-Known Member

    only way around it is to install a different keyboard
  15. Ryukenden

    Ryukenden Member

    Atm i'm using Smart Keyboard Pro. I get the feeling its much more precise than HTC IME keyboard... Not sure why, but even with calibration i couldnt get the precision on HTC keyboard to be good.

    I type much faster and with less errors with SKP...
  16. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    try also "better keyboard", a FREE KEYBOARD APP in the market. it's nice, i use it now. you can also set different skins to it.
  17. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    Inspired by your thread I checked every keyboard I could find (everywhere). My favorite is now Ultra Keyboard.
  18. Lupajz

    Lupajz Well-Known Member

    Smart Keyboard Pro !!! :)
  19. djo4ever

    djo4ever New Member

    Swiftkey Pro! it's not free, but it has a great predictions dictionar that makes you type a lot faster. evening if you type a wrong letter in a word, Swiftkey will still recognize and suggest you the right word.

    Could'nt live without it!

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