Best place to buy a droid?

  1. nevergonnauseth

    nevergonnauseth Well-Known Member

    So i had the droid at one point but had to send him back due to lack of funds at the time. Now i am ready and willing to give a new subsidized droid a new home.

    my plan is to buy the droid now so when the X drops, i can trade in my droid with the 30 day exchange. where is teh best place to buy one(aka the cheapest?)

    I know amazon has them for a penny right now but they wont let you exchange headsets, i would have to cancel my line and start a new one. that would kill me in proration. is sold out. anyone know how much they are going for at walmart? they are 99 bucks at bestbuy online.

  2. Flahusky

    Flahusky Well-Known Member

    What about Wirefly?
  3. nevergonnauseth

    nevergonnauseth Well-Known Member

    wirefly has so many stipulations and i don tthink they'd allow contract upgrades. hell half of them sound like they wont let me use my UPS discount.
  4. inssane

    inssane Well-Known Member

    Unless you are starting a new line - a new every two from verizon will be your best bet.
    Otherwise start looking on ebay.

    And VZW will be the easiest for an exchange. People use products and then swap them for new ones within 30 days for vanity - so that's why many places don't let you do it or charge you.
  5. scott craft

    scott craft Member

    Wal-Mart sells them for $48 in the store and $20 online.
  6. nevergonnauseth

    nevergonnauseth Well-Known Member

    thanks scott i think i'll go that route. it will be weird buying a phone from a brick and motor. btw inssane it is a new line of service.
  7. antron007

    antron007 Active Member

    I got my Droid 4 months ago from a best buy and they price matched wal-marts price. It was only a $30 difference though. Don't know how'd they be about $50. Just thought I'd pass it along. For me it was a great experience because I bought it at 11 am and they spent 45 minutes just walking me through the phone. The first thing they did was update it to 2.1-1. Just great. The Droid is my first smart phone and I love it. Still haven't rooted though.

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  8. Richman21

    Richman21 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if you can do a 1 year contract at Bestbuy?
  9. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Please read the OP. Pricing isn't his only concern. The exchange is as well. I'd suspect that any reseller is going to be difficult to deal with. Just be aware of VZW's restock fee.

    Any reason you're not just waiting? Seems like more trouble than it's worth. And you can probably get better pricing through a reseller.
  10. Amatherly

    Amatherly Active Member

    Bear in mind that Walmart's return policy on phones is 15 days.
  11. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to. VIP Member

    You may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere, but I'd still buy from Verizon. You'll have 30 days worry free so you can return for any reason in those days. And you also get a 1 year manufacturer warranty. And insurance. And you never know when you may need 1 or all 3 of those.

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