Best place to sell Desire?

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  1. cb3190

    cb3190 Member

    Could anyone tell me the best place to sell my HTC Desire to get the most for it?

    Also, would I have to flash the original HTC rom again, or would I be better selling on eBay with a custom rom?

  2. Sak01

    Sak01 Well-Known Member

    Definitely best to sell it with the stock ROM. I can't think of anywhere you might get a better price than on eBay.
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    I've no experience of selling, but it's best not to leave in customisations that could catch out a non-expert buyer. We've had a couple of these cases lately, such as someone who tries to run an RUU (e.g. Gingerbread upgrade) and ends up with an unbootable phone because it had the CM7r2 hboot. A ROM that's partly on sd-ext (eg a Sense 2 or Sense 3 ROM) could also cause problems for someone who doesn't know about this stuff. So whether rooted or not I'd say make sure it's in a state where the buyer can run an RUU, do a factory reset or change the sd card without causing problems or needing expert knowledge.
  4. cb3190

    cb3190 Member

    So is it just a matter of flashing the Stock ROM on my Desire to do this?
  5. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    If you are S-On, running a stock RUU will return the phone to completely stock software.

    If you are S-Off with a recent Alpharev/Revolutionary hboot you will still be S-Off, but otherwise stock.

    If you are using a custom hboot with non-stock partitions the RUU will fail. In that case you should flash the bravo-stock hboot (to stay S-Off) or the Alpharev downgrader hboot (to return fully to stock) before running an RUU.
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  6. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    I would say if your still planning on selling that Ebay and Gumtree are your best bets really, all the phone shops and similar give very little for it now. Just recently sold mine to a local phone shop for

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