Best podcatcher (podcast) app?

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  1. coreymcl

    coreymcl Well-Known Member

    Check out Mediafly it syncs both audio and video.

  2. craighwk

    craighwk Well-Known Member

    Mediafly is nice, but I started experiencing issues with it not downloading new episodes. I had to do it manually. I will try it again at some point in the future, but for now I am sticking with Doggcatcher. Does what I need and has been reliable. The interface could be better, but it does the job.
  3. eric.doggcatcher

    eric.doggcatcher Active Member

    craighwk, the release I just gave to my beta testers has some new buttons at the top of most of the screens so you can get around better without having to dig through the menus. I'm also working on swipe to go backwards.

    Are there any other ways that you think it could be improved?
  4. eggs

    eggs Member

    Last night I experieced that both Buzz out load and AndroidGuys was shown as text feeds. They are audio podcasts, so there must be something wrong.
  5. eric.doggcatcher

    eric.doggcatcher Active Member

    I think those may be two separate issues...the bol issue is being discussed over here - Audio podcasts shows up as news article | Home of DoggCatcher the Android Podcatcher

    If the androidguys thing you are mentioning is only with the most current item, then I've seen that before. As soon as they publish a podcast, they create a new podcast for the future item, and this one doesn't have any media (because is hasn't been recorded yet). So it shows up in DC as news, until they record and attach the media to the item. This is the only feed that I have ever seen do this. It might be something specific to blogtalkradio but I'm not sure.
  6. eggs

    eggs Member

    I knew about thatb but it is not the case now. It was an ordinairy podcast showing up as a text feed.
  7. gandhimaster

    gandhimaster Member

    i have checked various places and i was hoping you guys may be able to help.

    im using a uk hero on orange and beyondpod is behaving strangely regards a particular 2 podcasts. im guessing it may be those two specific feeds causing said issues but was hoping for some testing/advice.

    i have this feed set up in google reader : - Sunday Supplement

    which is a podcast for sky sports sunday supplement. beyondpod downloaded the 3 recent ones and then they vanished. if i try manual update it says 3 downloaded failed and gives me the re-download/stream options.

    google reader on pc delivers the pods for me to listen to so the rss is coorect.

    any kind folk fancy testing it on your beyondpod? support forums suggest checking "force names" and adding "mpga" file extensions all to no avail.

    as i say, they are initially downloaded but then vanish!

    cheers guys.
  8. MB200

    MB200 Well-Known Member

    Eric -- I agree with the previous poster: it is great to find a developer checking out the forums, helping the users and utilizing the customer feedback to improve the product.

    You asked for other requests for features. I'm a podcaster newbie (see above) and have had DoggCatcher on for a couple of weeks now. I can't figure out how to change the order of the various podcasts; e.g., a couple of the SnoggDoggler feeds (which I haven't yet deleted) are at the top, then other feeds I don't care about, then the feeds I do care most about.

    Is there any way to order them by user preference? Or to, perhaps, group the feeds into a few "folders" or categories rather than placing them all in one flat list?

    If so, I'd appreciate the input.
    If not, then I recommend it as a feature enhancement.

  9. gandhimaster

    gandhimaster Member

    hmmm its now working so i guess it was the feed itself.

    are there any tips to find out whether a problem would be caused by the feed or by beyondpod? i assume as long as google reader is pulling in the rss then the fault would lie with beyondpod?

    anyhow, cheers for listening to my rants guys!
  10. eric.doggcatcher

    eric.doggcatcher Active Member

    If you long press on a feed, there's a move action that will let you shift them up/down. This will also change the order that items are played in the audio playlist.

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  11. MB200

    MB200 Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much Eric. The MOVE function works great; I had just never seen that in the UI.

    BTW, if I have a doggcatcher-specific idea for suggested enhancement, should I put that in THIS thread? Or maybe start a new thread on that subject? Or might you want to start a DoggCatcher suggested enhancements thread that folks could go to where the first message might be from you inviting folks to let you know, but perhaps also stating clearly what information you need to consider the request?
  12. eggs

    eggs Member

  13. MB200

    MB200 Well-Known Member

    Thanks eggs for the link. But unless I'm going to major in "doggcatcher", I would prefer, as would I would think, many other Android users, prefer not to have yet another forum and yet another user id and password for each of the 25 apps I'm using on Android.

    Thus, my question to Eric is probably more like: "Given you have encouraged input on doggcatcher features here in the Android forum, what is the Android forum approach that would make it easier for you?"
  14. eric.doggcatcher

    eric.doggcatcher Active Member

    I will say that posting on the snoggdoggler forums is likely to get more doggcatcher user's eyes. Plus, most feature requests or support issues get a lot of discussion from other users, and then when I create an issue in the bug tracker, I can link back to the discussion so I make sure I cover it all.

    Having said that, I'll take feedback wherever I can find it. If it's easier to post here...that'll work too.

  15. MB200

    MB200 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Eric.

    I started the thread here on Android forums, here.
  16. marvinrock

    marvinrock Well-Known Member

    Holy cow! This thread is a fantastic source of information, seems un-biased and even the developer popped in and added extremely useful input.

    DoggCatcher will be my first paid app as I am in desperate need of a good podcasting app.

    Great job Eric.Doggcatcher, now my Zune is completely useless :p
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  17. lady3jane

    lady3jane Active Member

    my ipod touch is rapidly turning into a tiny Kindle since that's the only thing i use it for anymore.

    i'm really glad to have a good podcast app (downloading it right now). i'm very encouraged by this thread as i was a bit put off by the price at first.

    i'm happy to support quality.
  18. hank3rd

    hank3rd New Member

    Does any of the apps have controls on the lock screen like the media player does. I find that helpful.
  19. marvinrock

    marvinrock Well-Known Member

    Volume controls for doggcatcher work with the screen locked.
  20. WarMace

    WarMace Well-Known Member

    My first paid app thanks to this thread. =-]

    Dear Dev - I am a long distance motorcyclist. So I need a music player that is (A) uber-reliable to not crash and (B) reliably able to restart after ending a phone call.

    Having to take the next exit (which might not be for another 15-20 minutes) to mess around with my podcast player is a huge annoyance and time waster when you have a 12+ hour trip ahead of you. If you can pass my test I can assure you more purchases from fellow riders.
  21. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Well-Known Member

    Just downloaded DC and all I can say is wow. I'm coming from Listen, and DC is way better. Kudos to the dev.
  22. Mrgadgetz

    Mrgadgetz Active Member

    Hey Eric I'm trying to add a podcast from an rss feed but doggcatcher is not recognizing it. are there some formats it can't add?
  23. streetmedic7

    streetmedic7 Member

    eric: I'm going to buy Doggcatcher on Friday just because I've seen you be so active on these various forums. How could I not support a developer like you? ;)
  24. Rushey

    Rushey Well-Known Member

    Does Doggcatcher have full Google Reader integration?
  25. dronertron

    dronertron New Member

    I just purchased dogg catcher. Looks nice but it isn't acting as a handler for rss links. When I hit an RSS link either google reader or listener is popped up.

    Is there something I need to configure?

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