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best rf info app (galaxy tab on sprint)

  1. kellogs908

    kellogs908 New Member

    I am currently trying to gather information for a way to track my galaxy tabs reception over a week in one spot, and then the next week in various places. I am doing this for a term paper and would like to try and get it done as soon as possible, so any time wasted trying to figure out what app to use, greatly reduces the time I have to work on the paper.
    I have tried "RF Signal Tracker" but it only seems to log stats when I log in and out of the program. "Antennas" log works ...except for the fact that signal strength is left blank on every log result for some reason. I have also tried "OpenSignal" but I have not been able to find any way to log information. It seems like some of the issues may have arisen because it's on the sprint network (CDMA).
    Was wondering if anyone had more experience with this, any help would be appreciated so much right now. I apologize if something to this nature has already been posted as I am too busy working on another term paper at the moment to completely sort through the forums.



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