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  1. SwagInfected

    SwagInfected Member

    What are the best roms that you all created so far ? Which one would you recommend for me to put on my phone?

  2. elgecko

    elgecko Well-Known Member

    Not to put other people down that are building ROMs using Leslie Ann base, I don't know how well they know there stuff.

    While I know Leslie Ann has been building ROMs for some time, her Harmonia with giantpune's custom kernel runs smooth as silk.
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  3. wyliee

    wyliee Well-Known Member

    Harmonia is stock kernal, removed bloat, and build prop tweaks

    Tagged is overclocked kernal, removed bloat and build prop tweaks with ICS theme

    Project mayhem is pretty much the same as tagged just themed to anonymous and i added a few cool apps

    Ondine i think is Harmonia with his own touch and the first to add new ringtones and notifications and other sounds

    as for the rest i beleive they are just themed and using harmonia as there basis or leslies other rom.

    but for the most part they are all Using Leslies ROM as a basis to build off of, its not hard to do and i dont think anyone would really have a problem understanding it, I have personally only owned a computer for 6 months and started learning everything myself... alot of googling, but i like to share my information and make guides to help other people like me who are learning to support the community the best i can because i do not know prgramming or any of that jazz, well i should say i do not know much, any who there is no best rom, it is all in what you decide you want, i personally like all of them
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  4. SwagInfected

    SwagInfected Member

    so the tagged rom runs faster?
  5. wyliee

    wyliee Well-Known Member

    yes tagged and project mayhem are at 1.6 GHz processing while most others are just a little over 1GHz
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  6. SwagInfected

    SwagInfected Member

    okay thanks
  7. OptimusV123

    OptimusV123 Well-Known Member

    I believe they can all run at 1.6 if you flash giantpunes kernel.
  8. wyliee

    wyliee Well-Known Member

    they all can, but just tagged and project mayhem include it in the rom
  9. Ranhead

    Ranhead Well-Known Member

    Leslie Ann is my hero!!! If you want a ROM that is what should have come with the Elite, I suggest running her Harmonia. Pune's kernel adds some speed to a great ROM.

    Not hard to guess what I'm running :D
  10. lomaxxx1337

    lomaxxx1337 Member

    I agree. All the roms listed use Leslies base rom and or giantpunes custom kernal. The others add a some things to customize it, (no offense) but there are no other custom roms yet like Cya nogenmod, etc etc. So I would use Leslies Harmonia and giantpunes custom kernal and then you may customize it how you wish starting with a fresh, clean rom.

  11. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

    They are all based off of Aeneas so they are all pretty similar. Try a few and see which one you like best!
  12. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    just my own personal preference and I know its not on the elite yet..but that's cyanogen period. stock of any kind to me is not a custom independent ROM. its just a modified stock ROM that by its nature doesn't and won't offer an alternative. for instance, take the connection issues many elite users have. it may not be hardware related,but could be stock related..something in the software that's not functioning properly,thus any stock based ROM if not went through with an eye to fix such things is nothing more or less than what you already have. your just flashing a debloated stock ROM that still has any issues or had other than some minor tweaks and bloat removal which by the way you can do yourself without flashing anything else. now a ROM built like cyanogen or something else not based so closely on stock could resolve a large number of issues. and yeah I know..well they can create their own issues at the same time,they can but I'd rather have those issues like my video camera not working in cyanogen 10 vs some repackaged stock and still nonfunctional data that could be software based. not knocking stock ROMs, they are what they are,stock. that's all they are. call them anything you want lord zues the king of time and space ROM if you like. its still lg stock. that's my take.
  13. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    To clarify:
  14. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Sorry Curtis, but you have been way, way spoiled.
    I think most Elite users are just grateful for having ANY option at the moment.

    Don't get me wrong, it's good to have alternatives, fully working or not, but considering that some really good devs looked into this phone and either gave up or failed, I think at the moment Elite users are just happy to have what they do.

    Personally, I'm bored with CM, AOSP, etc... It's BLAND and I used it for almost 2 years. That is one place Apple really kills Android, Sense at least adds a little style to it.

    For the record, I'm probably as proud of Harmonia for the Elite as I am of Aphrodite or the first Harmonia rom I made. Is it "just stock" with a few tweaks, yeah, but as far as I know, there isn't exactly a "make rom" button or app. This was all hand done by me and a few others, and it wasn't easy. I'm sure there is an easier way, but if you notice, not many people are doing it.

    (I don't mean to harp on you, Curtis, so please don't take this personally, but I would like to address a few things you said)

    You have to remember, these guys don't have 20 skilled devs, or 20 or so months of development on the phone like the Optimus V, which technically is closer to 24 months if you count the Optimus S development. Which by the way, Optimus V devs started off the exact same way as these guys are, by modifying stock. It took months before we got a working AOSP rom on the OV and several more before we had working MMS, and still longer before we had comparable battery life.

    As for your explanation of taking a stock rom and fixing a radio and it still being stock... What do you think goes on with CM and other alternatives? Once you get a basic working build (where the true developer shines!), everyone just piles on their own little tweaks, it's not much different than what Aeneas users are doing now.

    When Bobzhome got CM9 running on the OV, everyone just built from his work just as if it was a stock rom, just as it had when Blarfie got CM7 working. Yes, some things go back up the pipe and a fresh "stock" version was made, but everyone was always working off the same base essentially. The same happens on stock roms, once someone makes a breakthrough, they all incorporate it. Yes, it was all built from source, but even modding a stock rom, you are still doing the same thing once you de-compiling it, with source, you just automate it so it's done in one big step instead of doing it file by file.

    Harmonia 2 for the OV was on occasion built and tweaked from source, other times it was done by hand from a CM "blank" provided by Mrg666. I tweaked it just like a stock rom. Could anyone tell a difference? No, I could actually accomplish the exact same result from either method (though I usually cheated a bit and left out the more difficult changes), but it was easier and faster for me to do it from a blank. It took very little effort for him to run off blanks for me when he was building, whereas building from source for me was time consuming and a hassle. He was more comfortable one way, I was more comfortable another, but we both could do it either way if necessary.

    For some things, building from source is actually easier, as was the the case with the Play store security issue on Harmonia and Bumblebee on the OV. I had to go through and figure out where the security issue was creating a conflict, whereas CM roms never had an issue to begin with because everything was signed and handled the same way.

    A few other things...
    If you think stock can't bring anything different, look into Leedroid tweaks, it takes Sense and turns it on it's head, similar to what Jerry did to IHO on his Backside rom. It's easy to look past it and say it's just tweaked stock, but in reality it's way beyond that.

    Also, looking stock can be a big misconception.
    While I have hinted that it is heavily modded, I have never stated the full extent of mods on Harmonia 1 for the Optimus V. I used parts from (at least) 2 phones and 3 different OTA updates, it probably has more tweaked files than stock ones at this point and is likely one of the least stock, "stock" roms you will find. It took a VERY long time for any rom to even come close to matching it on battery life, stability and compatibility, and that includes stock and alternative roms. To my knowledge not a one can match it in all 3 categories even today. It was because of that, that I used to get annoyed at people claiming it was "just stock".
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  15. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    I admit I'm spoiled. the first thing I do after rooting and getting a working recovery on any device I own is to try out alternative roms. not because I hate stock but because most times the company never updates it ( at least in the case of most prepaid companies) except to push root kill measures and do nothing to fix one issue the device might have. its just a personal preference I have. I know independent developers will if they can,resolve issues. take lg's push to the elite as an example,who gives a shit about quick memo?? fix my connection issues lg/VM. and keep your app.
  16. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    just to be clear,I wasn't knocking Harmonia etc. I'm grateful you did this for elite users. you sure didn't have to. I'm glad this community has some good stuff finally. like I said.. I'm spoiled lol.
  17. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    I know, and I'm glad you didn't take it too personal. :)

    In many ways you have to look at this phone as being only about 3 weeks old because in reality, that is about how much development time they have on it. In which case, they are doing just fine. Now, if you look at it from the phones Sprint release date, they are lagging WAAAAAAY behind. On the other hand, look at the Wildfire... I think I alone already surpassed that phone for roms. LOL

    I agree though, they need more choices, more devs, etc... Now that the gates are open, it's only a matter of time. Between source, CM and what we now know about the phone itself, a CM rom shouldn't be nearly as impossible as it was a month ago. It's too bad Jerry quit building, he has this phone and could knock out a CM build pretty fast I bet.

    Oh, and I'm spoiled too. :)
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  18. DsyMnapTic

    DsyMnapTic Well-Known Member

    I'm the SPOILEDEST!
  19. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    lol I'm the mitt Romney of spoiled romheads....GREY POUPON WITH MY CYANOSAMICH :p
  20. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm pretty thrilled with harmonia right now and from my experience with the V I really don't think cm7 is that big of an improvement. We're pretty lucky to have what we have. My girlfriend has a high end phone from Verizon and they don't have any roms that function as well as harmonia.
  21. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    Given Leslie's ability, I'm not surprised.

    I also couldn't be more proud than I am already to say that since Harmonia 2.0, I have had it on my OE and never gone back to stock. I love Harmonia too much :D Harmonia and giantpune's custom kernel and CWM were the three small steps for humankind, three giant leaps forward for the Optimus Elite. And I don't think the whole community could thank either of you (Lesie, giantpune) more for all that you've been able to do.

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