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Best RPG Games

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  1. arossy20

    arossy20 New Member

    I'm new to android I've had my HTC EVO 4G phone for about a month and i'm looking for some awesome games to put on it. I really am looking for android RPG games. A friend of mine suggested Zenonia. I looked it up and there are Zenonia 1, 2 and 3. Not sure which one I should take more serious. So if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!!! :)

  2. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    they are a series .. I didn't beat 1 yet [lazy ass] but I suggest you get 3 [it's free] and test it , if you liked the game play then you may wanna start from 1

    as I remember .. they are not that related
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  3. Vanquished

    Vanquished Well-Known Member

    You could try Dungeon Hunter 1 and 2 from Gameloft.

    Go to gameloft.com using your phones browser to check them out, as well as some other games.

    You can check this site out using your PC, but I'm pretty sure some of the games listed their aren't supported, which is why you should try going their with your phone, which will list exactly which games are available.

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  4. Recreation

    Recreation Well-Known Member

    We're on the same boat. I'm looking for other GOOD rpgs too that doesn't include the Zenonia series. There doesn't seem to be too many out in the market. Another good/decent rpg is Inotia 3. Other then that I don't know
  5. jeeezyy

    jeeezyy Member

    Battleheart and caligo chaser. caligo chaser is a side scrolling rpg, hack and slash style with epic combos.
  6. jeeezyy

    jeeezyy Member

    battleheart is a party based rpg game where you control 4 other members of different fighting classes and level them up. personally i prefer caligo chase, much more exciting. zenonia 3 is fun but the story ends abruptly when you find out the other "levels" of the game are just the same story mode but with harder beasts. intoia 3 is good but not free, after so many deaths your forced to buy the game.
  7. boriz

    boriz Member

    if you liked diablo then you should try Sacracy. It's a free action-rpg that offers an optional locationbased mode. Instead of high end 3D graphics you get lovely 2D animated graphics.

  8. killerkiat

    killerkiat New Member

    Can install SNESoid, an emulator for super Nintendo games. Chrono Trigger is a great game.
  9. Dragolax

    Dragolax New Member

    A couple of RPG's that are both good are Spectral Souls and Symphony of Eternity, both will provide many hours of game play as well as good stories. Downside of Spectral Souls is the additional 1 gb of game data you need to download in order to play it.
  10. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    Sword requiem...its a strategy RPG(like vandal hearts)
  11. runlsd

    runlsd Active Member

    Just got Inotia3 today. Seems pretty fun after about 10 minutes of play. On screen controls seems more responsive than the Zenonia series.
  12. molitar

    molitar Active Member

    Thanks for the great suggestions.. I just grabbed Inotia3 and Sacracy.
  13. bolski

    bolski Well-Known Member

    I'm enjoying Dungeon Hunter II. I'll have to check out Sacracy though. That looks cool.
  14. BloBBloB

    BloBBloB Active Member

    I go whith Star Legends. Sci-Fi MMORPG, capable of using 3G network aswell.
  15. HollywoodB

    HollywoodB Member

    Anyone remember Ultima Online back in the day? like the original?? I bet that wouldn't be too increadibly hard to make for android. That would be a blast!!! Anyone know of any games like that?? I know there's like Murder City and stuff that's all text based but anything resembling Ultima Online or something like it???
  16. Siegfried1991

    Siegfried1991 New Member

    Why dont you try this out for your self. DL Gameboid or Gameboid Lite for compatibility issue then DL Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories ROM for GBA
  17. quietuswolfe

    quietuswolfe Member

    Destania is a good choice. Same with Caligo Free and the Zenovia series. It took me a while to get used to the controls, since I'm not used to using touchscreen controls, but after that its a piece of cake.
  18. akane2985

    akane2985 Well-Known Member

    zenonia 4 <_< we waiting on that too come out this month
  19. Corby

    Corby Member

    No longer available, sadly
  20. Corby

    Corby Member

    Spectral souls looked really good, but egads!!! Fifteen bucks? That thing better balance my checkbook while I play for that price.
  21. quietuswolfe

    quietuswolfe Member

    Ha, I know. At least the first 2 Zenonia games are only $0.99 each, and 3 is free. Can't wait to get my hand on 4, but even with the other 3 on my tab, I still end up playing games like Ninja Royale more often, since I can play quick and not get caught up in the storyline... 'cause when that happens, and it does (a lot), I loose all track of time and can sit there for hours on end just typing to level-up my guy(s) or looking for hidden missions/quests.
  22. Ludikhris

    Ludikhris Well-Known Member

    I heard Zenonia was great so I picked it for a review on my site http://www.pixel-freak.com d but i've been dragging my feet on the review because the game boils down to a grind fest. I've started 2 and 3, and both of those are a bit better. Not sure if they will turn out to be a grind fest as well, but you may want to consider working your way backwards through them until you find one you dislike rather than playing them chronologically. I have seen some characters from Z1 in Z3 so I know they are at least partially related. Z1 is just really short on story, and heavy with grinding.

    Symphony of Eternity is a decent game if you can get past the graphics being a little sub par. The battle and skill systems are decent. The story is mediocre. I'm yet to beat it as well.

    If you'll consider non Fantasy RPG games take a look at Game Dev Story. Solid RPG elements, but a bit unconventional. Unfortunately I haven't reviewed any of these games officially so I can't forward that on. But go take a look on youtube at gameplay videos, you'll find plenty. Just be warned that Game Dev Story looks much less interestesting than it acutally is. You WILL get sucked in.

    And thumbs up to the person that said Battleheart. Best Action-RPG out there and should be played by everyone. That game is balls. Big ones.
  23. rbgirard

    rbgirard New Member

    Gameloft makes some of the best RPG games. I'm also playing Eternity Warriors. It has ads, but it is an awesome game.
  24. koekebakker

    koekebakker Member

    I liked Gurk II a lot.
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  25. Corby

    Corby Member

    Not that much of a legacy gamer to really get into the Gurk series, but it looked cute. Right now I am playing Avenger but it is more like Castlevania than a true rpg. I would love to find something on android akin to the DragonQuest or Final Fantasy 5-9 series.

    Not to mention that I try to stick to free games when I can.

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