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  1. tmoore78

    tmoore78 New Member

    You can download an app called supergnes. This is an emulator for the super Nintendo. Then you can download any snes rom you want from *********.com

  2. Corby

    Corby Member

    Yeah, thanks for that, but I play roms on my psp. Works better than any phone.
  3. rushton

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  4. Corby

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  5. umataro42

    umataro42 Well-Known Member

    I see someone already mentioned Gurk II, its definitely a fun game, with the old school 8-bit style (the first Gurk is also fun, but the sequel definitely added more).

    My 2 favorites are:
    Andor's Trail - its "in progress" so there are areas you can't get to yet and quests that can't be completed, but what's there so far is still a lot. And there's supposed to be an update coming up (not sure when though). Make sure to also visit the forum, I think it enhances the fun of the game. There is some grinding involved, but its an open map and there's no level limits for the quests, and lots of cool items/skills. It also has a "choose your own adventure" feel for some of the quests (you can't go back on your choice).

    Legends Arcana - This one is an "action RPG" with a nice hand drawn style, and its pretty fun. You won't have to grind too much (but probably a little) and once you get enough gold, you can pay (in-game, not with actual money) to redistribute your stats, so there's a lot of replay value. There's also an "Endless" Dungeon with a scoreboard and lots of cool items/skills. And this one also has an open map. There are some quests where you might be suggested to be at a higher level before trying, but nothing as restrictive as Zenonia 2 (the only one of the series I've played).

    Both games have forums, and the developers are generally pretty good with replying on there, or my e-mail.
  6. Meodrid

    Meodrid New Member

  7. Ludikhris

    Ludikhris Well-Known Member

  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Dead Space. Got it off Samsung Apps for free. :)

    Inotia is also pretty nice.
  9. Soundteq

    Soundteq Well-Known Member

    I hear the Evo 4G can run PSX emulators well enough, so I'd highly suggest looking there. The PS1 in my opinion is the undisputed kind of RPGs (followed by the SNES). There are so many that I don't even know where to begin. If you're willing to invest a large amount of memory space towards games (multiple gb in some cases I believe), there are the multi-disc games like a lot of the Final Fantasy games. There's Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy Tactics, the Lunar games, Threads of Fate...

    I could go on for days.

    As for GBA, which is another great emulator to consider because it works so well on phone controls.. Golden Sun 1 is among the best of the best on it (GS2 doesn't work however =(..). Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced is a lot of fun too (it's completely different from FFT for PS1, it's not a port). I'd say FFTA is my favorite on GBA, but most seem to side with Golden Sun. And then of course there are the Pokemon games. They're a lot of fun on the phone man. No shame.
  10. grapesoda1

    grapesoda1 New Member

  11. srry20wnu

    srry20wnu Member

    The world of magic
  12. AlphaWolf03

    AlphaWolf03 Well-Known Member

    Hi! Try Kingdoms Live. This is a smart game with a plenty of action, you have to battle very hard to make it to the top of the mightiest kingdom, yes you start as a peasant, but play well and you will be rewarded.Main features on this stunning MMORPG game for Android includes: Join over 1.5 million players, battle other players, you can choose between 3 races, which includes Human, Orc, or Elf, there are three classes that include Warrior, Mage, or Rogue, plenty of weapons, armour, and spells will keep you busy.You have to build you very own kingdom by acquiring lands, and earn your income from them, invite friends to your army and become a stronger force, perform many heroic quests, medieval music and sounds, rare items and spells, real time updates, and so much more. This game via the Android Market is stunning and well worth downloaded, ask gamers already playing ‘Kingdoms Live’ and they will tell you how good this RPG is.
  13. Nabraham

    Nabraham Well-Known Member

    For the JRPG fans:
    Symphony of Eternity and Eve of Genesis are worth checking out.

    And of course Final Fantasy 3 was just released into the market.
  14. compbatant

    compbatant Active Member

  15. mark87

    mark87 Well-Known Member

    Elemental knights online, order and chaos online, dungeon master, pocket rpg, battle heart, dungeon hunter 1&2, soulcraft, gangstar(3 of them from gameloft), inotia 1,2,3(&4 soon), zenonia sucks imo. Most of the ones ive mentioned are all 3d graphics cept battle heart, and inotia.
  16. Kruncha

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  17. Spartoi

    Spartoi Well-Known Member

  18. rizal24

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  19. ballroomdru

    ballroomdru Well-Known Member

    Final Fantasy 3 IS worth the $16 price tag for the following reasons.

    1.) VERY high quality RPG experience.

    2.) AT WORST 40 hours of game play...if you are trying to do things the super hard way. If you do it the slow and steady way, 60-80 hours worth.

    3.) The Jobs system means that you have 23 different ways per character for four characters to experience the game.

    4.) NO IN APP PURCHASES!!!! You buy the whole game the first time and you play it as long as you want and can get every option.

    5.) Finally, a game from square soft, which if we support will lead to more ports of square soft games. YAY!!!!!!
  20. Rhone

    Rhone Well-Known Member

    Okay, I'll call BS (TL;DR summary: Android piracy stats are inflated by users in China, who cannot pay for apps on Google Play and hence can only get them through piracy).

    I'm sure the perception will persist, though. Just like the repeated claim over the years that there is no reason to port games to Linux because Linux users are a bunch of freeloaders who won't pay for anything. Also BS.
  21. IDFactory

    IDFactory Member

    I'm new to the world of android, I'll try some of theses games, thanks for the great ideas, I love RPG
  22. Jagosaurus28

    Jagosaurus28 Active Member

    GAILARDIA looks fun & seems to be a NES Dragon Warrior/Quest clone. Which isn't a bad thing!

    FREE on both Amazon App & Google Play. Kindle Fire support also.

    It'll be my next RPG I DL after I finish Symphony of Eternity (which is also awesome).
  23. sunflowerjok

    sunflowerjok New Member

    Try Inotia 4, it's like Zenonia but with a party system.
  24. Spartoi

    Spartoi Well-Known Member

    Cool story bro.

    From what I've seen however, Android users are always complaining about the costs of a game - anything over $1 is outrageous.
  25. IDFactory

    IDFactory Member

    The Gailardia series is great, but not all the title has been translated to english, I think they have like 2 out of there 5 Gaillardia title of translated:confused:
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