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  1. trparky

    trparky Well-Known Member

    Now I have to decide. GLAS.tR or GLAS.t. Which one would you choose?

  2. xfengx

    xfengx Member

    Hi everyone,
    I just got my S4 and am glad to join this family so far! :)

    I'm looking for a good screen protector that can enhance the screen resolution and brightness while not leaving too much mess (etc,like fingerprints) on the screen.(striking a balance of the two).Does anyone here have any recommendations on how i can get one in Singapore?
  3. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Welcome to the forums and congrats on your SGS4! :)

    For the Spigen mentioned here you might try -

    Mac Friends Pte. Ltd
    03-522 Rochor Centre, Singapore
  4. xfengx

    xfengx Member

    Thanks for the info! :)
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  5. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    My pleasure, let me know if that works out. :)
  6. xfengx

    xfengx Member

    Sure I will after I get it,will post my review here.
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  7. cary328is

    cary328is Well-Known Member

    For those of you who chose to use the Spigen Tempered Glass screen protector, here's a little advice in case you accidentally get some dust underneath the glass (where the adhesive is) or make a smudge underneath:

    1. Don't panic
    2. Hold the glass by the edges and go to the bathroom or kitchen where you can get a quick few drops of hand soap and water.
    3. Spread some soap and water over the dust/smudge area. You can actually "feel" the dust with your soapy fingers.
    4. Rinse the soap/water solution off the adhesive side (no worries - this won't remove the adhesive)
    5. Carefully apply the glass over the phone again.

    The adhesive is the same stuff that 3M and other companies use for their wet-apply screen protectors like invisible shield (Zagg) etc. So it takes to soap/water solution well. I've already re-applied a few buddies' glass protectors because specks of dust had gotten underneath. Hope this helps some of you. The tempered glass is an expensive investment but worth the protection - so I know making it look "invisible" is ideal. Good luck!
  8. cary328is

    cary328is Well-Known Member

    Oh and another thing - if you do decide to get the GLAS.t SLIM Premium Tempered Glass and the Spigen Neo Hybrid case, the screen sits almost flush with the case. If you're looking for a case that still has that extra border to protect the screen with the tempered glass, these UAG cases fit really well with the extra tempered glass:

  9. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Depends if I was also using a case. If it was "going commando" then I'd take Spigen's advice and use the tR; they admit themselves that the squared-off edges of the Glas.t are vulnerable if unprotected.
  10. OneSickS4

    OneSickS4 Member

    This is my first post so I can post my response.
  11. OneSickS4

    OneSickS4 Member

    I had to register to respond to this.

    Complete misinformation....Here's a great vid explaining just how gorilla glass is well gorilla glass.

    Truth About Gorilla Glass (Ultimate Galaxy SIII Destruction!!!) *REPAIR VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION!!!* - YouTube

    To answer the OP. ZAGG HD

    [​IMG]Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector | invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG

    ZAGG is awesome because they will replace the screen protector for any reason for only $3 for the life of the phone. Basically I replace mine around every three months.
  12. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    No it's not. The post you quoted didn't claim that Gorilla Glass is indestructible, only that the oleophobic coating appears to work well. Not even Corning themselves claim that GG is anything more than scratch-resistant.
  13. sincarafan

    sincarafan Well-Known Member

    Yep and even other videos show if dropped at the right angle on the front screen it will crack (it is glass after all). Its good, but certainly not indestructible.
  14. OneSickS4

    OneSickS4 Member

    I was referring to the fact that even one slight scratch on the face will cause the integrity of the glass to weaken. Thus a screen protector is a must. That is all.
  15. JimmyTheSaint

    JimmyTheSaint Well-Known Member

    Not a must, but just a cost/benefit estimation. Direct contact with Gorilla Glass feels really good, and the stuff cleans with a wipe of a microfiber cloth on the occasions that it needs a wipe. As opposed to a screen protector's greater friction (especially when warm) and daily need for a wipe down with cleaning fluid. At this point, I'm kind of resigned to the fact that I'll always want to fork over the cash for a new phone every year, for various obvious reasons. So it finally dawned on me that, based on my user experience, it's worth one year's worth of risk to always (year after year) have the feel of glass instead of screen protector under my thumb.

    So, for anyone preferring the feel of glass over screen protector (virtually everyone), it just comes down to how much cost (in the form of risk) that you're willing to bear to enjoy your preference 100% of the time. A cell phone is so personal and so often in the hand that it truly sucks to mar the experience from the moment you buy it.
  16. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    I am running the stock screen protector that's on there when you buy your S4.

    Yes, there's even a perforated tab at the top to remove the "overhang" part that most people would grab to remove it.

    Ok, ok, yeah, I should remove it at some point! :D:D
  17. MTHall720

    MTHall720 Well-Known Member

    There are different models or versions of Zagg. One is the HD version but it is not cheap at $25.00 at Best Buy.
  18. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    Is this a wet application?

    I put a skinomi on, much better than a zagg, but still a little rubbery.

    Then put a tech armor on (hate peel and stick to apply), but got it spot on, but alas one tiny tiny micro-spec of dust right at an edge. Also the surface is good with sliding my finger on it for a long time (no burning feel with rubbery ones).

    Bet of both worlds would be a peel on "HD" but in a wet application. Does that even exist?
  19. evile84

    evile84 Active Member

    I have used Zagg invisashields on every touch screen device I have owned (wish they made one for my ultrabook) and they always keep the screens in perfect shape. sure they are a pain in the butt to install but its not like I am doing it every day. I had to have one replaced on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 after 6 months and when I took it the screen was still like new.

    This time on my S4 amazon didn't have the zagg ones so I went with Armorsuit. Same basic design though. It doesn't have a rubbery feel to it very smooth works great with the touch screen
  20. MTHall720

    MTHall720 Well-Known Member

    Not really sure.
  21. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    Bet of both worlds would be a peel on "HD" but in a wet application. Does that even exist?
  22. jrmckins

    jrmckins Well-Known Member

    I went bareback for 3 days. Very careful where I put my phone. Scratched the glass. :mad: Added a zagg the next day. I have no idea how the glass got scratched.
  23. DJKEWU

    DJKEWU New Member

    I have the Tech Armor Privacy screen protector on my S4 and I love it! I have tried several different brands including Zagg, which I have on my iPad 3...however nothing beats the ease of applying & the quality of the product in Tech Armor.
  24. NineToTheSky

    NineToTheSky Well-Known Member

    Another supporter of the Tech 21 Impact. Unbelievably easy to put on.
  25. joesixpack

    joesixpack Well-Known Member

    Gorilla Glass 3 = no screen protector for me! Wife has a Zagg on her S3 and it feels bumpy and sticky when I run my finger over it. Keep the phone in my pocket and it sits on my desk undisturbed during the day (for the most part), so my exposure to scratches in somewhat minimal. Also I don't live near a beach, so sand is not an issue. Sand is EVIL when it comes to screen scratching!

    BTW beer, sun and hot tubs are an evil combination when it comes to your smartphone's ability to swim, but I digress...
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