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  1. Crosley123

    Crosley123 Well-Known Member

    What is the best way to "show off" the Note 3 to someone in 30 seconds or so? Several of my friends have been asking to see it while at lunch, etc. and all they comment on is the size. Anything on screen I should be showing them that will "wow" them?

    Thanks for any tips.

  2. Dragoro

    Dragoro Well-Known Member

    Next Launcher 3d

    Using action notes and spen to make phone calls or search web..
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  3. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    go see some demos on youtube.. that might give u some ideas..
  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    I think just the fact that the phone has such a huge screen has been a wow factor for me with my friends. Put it up to an iPhone to show the "wow that is a big phone and see how puny your iPhone is" ;)

    Also you can show the functionality of the s-pen as well.

    Maybe show them what a movie looks like on it as well.
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  5. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    Use multi-view to watch a movie on the top screen and browse the web on the bottom screen.
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  6. Omicron Note 3

    Omicron Note 3 Well-Known Member

    Ask a person what time is it then whip out the N3 to double check...

    The women will faint and men will envy it's size.


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  7. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    little kids have nightmares
  8. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    I find some of the things with the biggest wow factor are the ones I use the least...

    Movie on half and web on the other? Seriously?

    That would be like watching a movie on an iphone. lol

    I usually whip out the pen, tap screen write and draw on the screen and send it to them. It looks amazing and everyone thinks they need to do it, but I haven't done that once in the real world. I also usually do a pen window and throw up the calculator. Once again, looks awesome but never use it myself.

    The wow factor for me when I use the phone is the amazing screen and the 4 core processor. It makes my old 4G LTE look like a toy.
  9. zardoz

    zardoz Well-Known Member

    Life changing and fast to demonstrate: I can yell "Hi Galaxy", ask a question so it responds and instantly know where it is in the house if I've lost it.

    It's a universal remote which is actually easy to use and set up. Probably very fun to demonstrate in a bar. . .
  10. Xuthus

    Xuthus Well-Known Member

    Obviously size is the most obvious feature. Having had mine less than a week and not got used to some of the unique features like then pen etc. I would say the best feature so far is the screen - big, high resolution and with a real black rather than some shade or grey.

    I can see the split screen feature (two Apps at once) being useful though I have not actually used it for anything real yet - I note this is not limited to tiled areas either as you can draw and area with the pen and then choose at app to go in it.
  11. Xuthus

    Xuthus Well-Known Member

    Ha! So now will there be a market for TVs where the channel can be locked other than just by hiding the remote?
  12. zardoz

    zardoz Well-Known Member

    Oh - another one (extremely useful to me at least as a student): Pull up a pdf. Whip out the pen, circle a paragraph or sentence with the pen's button depressed, then drag the circled passage to a note (or email) and watch it go on its way, never to be forgotten.
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  13. Lgohrin

    Lgohrin Member

    i managed to wow a group of people in the deli department of my local Walmart with out even trying. lol
    I had a shopping list typed out on the S-Pad and I was using the pen to cross items off the list as I got them.
    The group of people waiting at the deli with me thought that was the greatest thing ever.:D
  14. veccster

    veccster Well-Known Member

    Family picture for Thanksgiving....A HUGE "WOW FACTOR!

    I set up my camera and strategically placed my phone for a great picture. I then gathered everyone up for a nice picture. I yelled, "capture" and the phone snapped a perfect picture.

    It then turned into 15 people all yelling "capture" to try and get it to do it again. Lot's fun but definitely a "wow"!
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  15. veccster

    veccster Well-Known Member

    I have posted several screenshots to a forum I am on and was able to draw or circle the item of reference in the screenshot.

    I also play a game where timing out 1 minute exactly gives me a big advantage. I use the Pen Window to open 'Clock' and use the stopwatch feature. I also use the calculator the same way in this game.

    I needed to take notes the other day as I was walking around looking at something. I used the pen and Action Memo to get this done and it worked perfectly. On a couple of the notes, I had to draw a small diagram and could not have done that with just a keyboard.

    Finally, when showing someone a picture or video, I ALWAYS take it off Auto Brightness and set the screen to 100%. People are very in Awe at the giant bright screen!
  16. waleed_th

    waleed_th Member

  17. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    Here's my favorite thing(s) to do:

    I have one of them call me and then put them on speaker phone.

    I go back out to the main screen and open two programs in the multi-window, usually Facebook and Boat browser, but any 2 from the list would do.

    Then I'll do a few things in each program that is open while talking to the person.

    Then I'll pull out the S-pen and open up a pen window and launch the calculator and do a couple quick calculations and then minimize.

    Then I'll reopen the action memo with an S-pen button press, write a memo and either hit save or better yet, show them the special button that sends whatever you write as a text to the person.

    Then I'll open the action memo one more time, this time grab the scrapbook item and grab something from Facebook and save it to Scapbook.

    Then I'll end the call and close everything down, go back into Scrapbook and show them the saved info.

    That's a pretty good demo of neat things and displays just some of the power of the GN3!!

    Some shorter fun things are:

    Anything above done all by it's lonesome!

    Doing just the call and pulling out the S-pen and sending the caller a text while your talking.

    Pulling out the S-pen, open up action memo, write down a place (I always use Olive Garden, Newington, NH - local to me), hit the dotted circle with arrow button, select the Maps icon and show them how it takes me right to the place on Maps. That's a great one.

    Another great one is again using the Action Memo to write down someone's name and phone number and then hitting the little contacts icon and it automatically populates the info in the Contacts page.

    If you use Nova Prime (and you should) that is a treasure trove all by itself!

    Such as:

    Scrolling pages with cube transitions is always impressive.

    Scrolling dock.

    And, of course, then there's Nova Prime's Gestures - that really blows away the iPhone crowd.

    And then there's widgets!

    Showing the hot spot actions on HD Widgets to open favorite programs like weather, calendar, radar or clock.

    Aww, who am I kidding... EVERYTHING listed above blows away the iPhone crowd!!!
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  18. Lgohrin

    Lgohrin Member

    I had some friends and family very impressed with the business card generator.
  19. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if this is what you are talking about, but your post reminded me of the function in contacts to take a photo of a business card that then automatically populates most of the fields in contacts. It works very well with cards that are not too far out there in design and also makes for some great show-off feature if someone has a business card handy.
  20. pdqgp

    pdqgp Well-Known Member

    One of the handiest things and kinda cool features is while I'm reading through emails or web pages or news sites, etc....or even on phone calls I can pull the S-Pen out and double tap a post it note and jot down ideas or thoughts that pop into my brain.

    I do that a lot while watching TED Videos that can be like 20 minutes long and filled with all kinds of good ideas, points and inspirational comments. Many of which I jot down in split screen mode. No need to have a video playing on my phone in one hand and pen/paper in the other.
  21. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

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  22. Lgohrin

    Lgohrin Member

    Yes that is what I was talking about. I wasn't sure what it was called :D
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