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  1. carney2

    carney2 Member

    I have Google Sky Map and and Skeye installed. Neither is getting it done. Would love to have an app that when you point it in the general direction of a planet, it tells you what you're looking at. Both of these are failing miserably.

  2. esemes

    esemes Well-Known Member

    try spacejunk!
  3. CamoCustom

    CamoCustom Active Member

    I am having the problem on my X2 where the skymaps and such dont work, I will be pointing west, and the map says Im pointing east. Compass apps work properly. I just read something with the sky maps is where my issue is...

    "Star Chart" is a really good one too BTW.
  4. mikeso3691

    mikeso3691 Active Member

    Turn the phone on its side and both of those apps work greatly
  5. mikeso3691

    mikeso3691 Active Member

    It has something to do with a certain sensor in the phone

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