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    EZDUZIT New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 14, 2009
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    Hello, I will be receiving a new Moto Droid Monday, and am trying to get the best/most cost effective plan. Here is my question...

    I am in the military and receive a 15% discount on my service so i have been researching the different plans. I have had the 450 anytime plan and this is all the minutes I need, but now I need to have additional data service. From what understand here are my choices:

    1) Basic 450 minute service $33.99, E-mail and web $26.39, 250 Texts $5.00 for a total monthly bill of $65.38 before taxes.

    2) Basic PDA/Smartphone 450 minute service $72.99

    is there any difference between the services? I think I still need to add Text service to the PDA/Smartphone package which will make it $77.99? is there something I am missing? it seems obvious to go with choice #1? are there any other packages that you all would recommend? I never go over the 250 text messages either. Thanks for the help!


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