Best SMS messaging app?

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  1. jjp3186

    jjp3186 New Member

    75% of my phone use is attributed to text messaging. So I recently downloaded Handcent and I'm liking it a lot. It's a lot better than the bland default messaging application. I really like how customizable it is. My only gripes are that I wish I could change the physical Handcent icon itself and maybe rename it to "Messaging" or something, also wish the reminder notifications had a few more options. Other than that it's a great app.

    Any other good or better apps out there for text messaging?

  2. HyperM3

    HyperM3 Well-Known Member

    I tried Handcent but didnt like it better than "SMS Unread Count". That combined with "Missed Call" and "Locale" Im a happy camper.
  3. CatsTide

    CatsTide Well-Known Member

    i just use the stock messaging icon and use handcent as the default sms app.that way when you touch the stock icon it launches handcent.
  4. jjp3186

    jjp3186 New Member

    How did you do that? When I use the stock icon, it launches the default sms app at first to show my message list, then when i click on a message to view it, it switches to handcent.
  5. Space Mountain

    Space Mountain Active Member

    Another vote for Handcent. I believe it works just a tad bit better than the stock app, just cause you can do more with it.
  6. HardCache

    HardCache Well-Known Member

    I too use Handcent the only problem I have with it is that I cannot get a custom background to display properly. I'm thinking this is because they need to upgrade it for the Droid.
  7. CatsTide

    CatsTide Well-Known Member

    when i launched the sms icon it asked me which one i wanted to use.i checked use as default then selected handcent.
  8. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    I don't know if you've tried ChompSMS, but I like it better than Handcent. I honestly liked the features, design and layout of Handcent better, but it constantly froze my on-screen keyboard, or the application would slowdown, hang or crash. I've been using Chomp since I removed Handcent, and even though the colorful chat bubbles are #$*^ing annoying, it's much more stable.

    If you need to reset the shortcuts target, you have to go into application settings and use the "Clear Defaults" button on Handcent. After that, clicking the normal messaging icon should yield a popup asking which app you would like to use. I'm pretty sure this should work.
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  9. icstars989

    icstars989 Well-Known Member

    I had the latest chompsms Beta 2.1.3 maybe?, and it seemed alright. It wasnt updated yet for the droids screen, and I believe it still didnt allow MMS. Have those two things been corrected?
  10. RazrVin

    RazrVin Member

    I use chompSMS Beta as well, and the colors are nice lol, just iPhone-esque. It's not yet ready for the Droid, but it's almost there. Main reason for why I use it is because it allows the enter key to be used as a SEND button. If Handcent used that, then maybe I'd go back to them. Other than that I give props to Handcent for giving an option to split up and send multiple texts for messages that go over 160 characters, which I do often.
  11. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    Hmm.. I haven't noticed anything unusual about the screen yet. It seems to fill the screen and look just fine. As far as MMS, I received a picture today that came in with no issues. I haven't tried sending MMS yet, I don't really use it.
  12. cc16177

    cc16177 Well-Known Member

    I have used handcent sms (two different times actually) and both times ended up uninstalling it. There are many features I really like but it definitly seemed to make things a little slow and I really didn't like the bubble chat idea (I was constantly having to scscroll up and down to read long messages).

    But my MAIN problem is that when I get a notification up in the notification bar (which I supposedly disabled) the only way to make it go away is to hit clear. I know that sounds petty but that was my main complaint.

    Other than handcent and that chomp program what are some good SMS programs?
  13. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    Those are the only two complete messaging replacements that I'm aware of. If anybody knows of some other, lesser known apps, I'd love to try them.
  14. icstars989

    icstars989 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Chomp allows MMS to be sent to you, but last time I used it, it still didnt support you sending MMS out. So, I wasnt sure if that was included in the new version or not.
  15. cc16177

    cc16177 Well-Known Member

    Man I guess I should've tried chomp before I asked for anything else... its freakin sweet!
  16. red33sox24

    red33sox24 Member

    Chomp Sms is the greatest. Newly added to the market (on the moto droid, was on the G1 that my friend had) and it is a newer version with 0 problems at all. None that I can find at least.
  17. sho95

    sho95 Well-Known Member

    I like the stock one way better than Handcent. The only plus of Handcent is that it allows to send sounds/ringtones which I use.
  18. cc16177

    cc16177 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... now I am having a weird problem. I can't send messages? And I don't mean MMS or anything just a regular old text message. The weirdest part is I'm not getting an error message or anything I just can't click "send". I tried to make it so when I press enter it sends and that wouldn't work either. I have rebooted the phone with no luck and was hoping for some suggestions before I end up un installing chomp (which I reeeaaalllyyy don't wanna do). Oh, and under the send button on the screen it says 0 credits left... dpes that mean anything?
  19. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    Check your settings. Make sure you have it set to send through your carrier and not through the ChompSMS network.
  20. preach

    preach New Member

    Another vote for Handcent. It is completely customizable. Every post I've read here about an issue with Handcent, there's an option for. (Obviously with exception to the freezing part which I've not encountered)
  21. Grizzld

    Grizzld Well-Known Member

    This was a major problem for me and Handcent. I noticed the lag immediately. None of those nice features matter to me if it takes me 3 times as long to type a message. I also made twice as many mistakes because the delay through me off. It's too bad, because Handcent really did offer some incredible improvements over the stock app.
  22. CatsTide

    CatsTide Well-Known Member

    you might consider trying it some works fine on might have another setting or app that is conflicting with it.
  23. mxrider821

    mxrider821 Well-Known Member

    does anyone have the problem with handcent SMS where the keyboard disappears after like 60-70 characters when typing a message, its super frustrating and takes forever for the keyboard to come back up after you click it..

    anyone else experiencing this?
  24. craighwk

    craighwk Well-Known Member

    Starting to use Handcent and I think I like it. It allows me to select a contact's alternate SMS number I have saved for GoogleVoice. The default app doesn't seem to be able to do this.
  25. n9zez

    n9zez Well-Known Member

    I like the OEM messenger. I just added SMS Popup to compliment it. I had handcent for a week but got tired of the shortfalls and constant updates. Still not sure if they have fixed the MMS issue to other Droid users or not. I have been happy with SMS popup. Maybe someday I will try Chomp.

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