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  1. Phoenix Zero

    Phoenix Zero Well-Known Member

    Coming from the LG Voyager, I really hate the stock Droid X messaging app. Are there any better messaging apps out there? This is my first smartphone/Android device so I'm new to the market.

    Thanks :)

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  2. Vakman

    Vakman Well-Known Member

    I like Handcent (Handcent SMS for Android).
    It is quite nice.
    Another alternative that I like is ChompSMS though Handcent is for sure my favourite.
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  3. 9th Ward

    9th Ward Member

    Handcent x2
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  4. Phoenix Zero

    Phoenix Zero Well-Known Member

    I'll check it out! Thanks!
  5. Phoenix Zero

    Phoenix Zero Well-Known Member

    Wow thanks guys! I took a look at Handcent and it looks fantastic. Has all of the options I wanted plus more!
  6. stainlessray

    stainlessray Well-Known Member

  7. SynisterWolf

    SynisterWolf Well-Known Member

    handcent wont send mms on my DINC so i went with CHOMP. and i like it much better.
  8. Titleist7230

    Titleist7230 New Member

    I have tried both chomp and handcent and both of them lose my messages. Is there an update or something that will prevent this?
  9. th1969

    th1969 Member

    i like handcent the best.
  10. XxMatts95xX

    XxMatts95xX New Member

    Lol I know im hella late but now I think GO sms pro is one of the best, atleast for me it is. Its way more customizable then handcent or chomp, I had both of those and I like GO sms pro better then all of them. If I remember correctly I think the app is by the GO dev team look it up if you like. ^_^
  11. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    I went from Handcent to Chomp to GO, and like them in that order (Go being best)... since then I reverted back to stock to save app space (and since I only send about 1 text a week).
  12. Pep

    Pep Well-Known Member

    Another vote for GO.

  13. MRguyandhis2

    MRguyandhis2 Well-Known Member

    chomp sms. i had handsent for a while but it would freeze my g1 all the time and send me double messages ( even with the native messaging app notifications turned off) and just horible, but i decided ot try it on my g2 and same problem, so i stuck with chomp since my g1. love it
  14. praxxis

    praxxis Member

    I'm using chompSMS... And so far I'm enjoying it! But given a chance I can root my phone and be able to use Handcent, I'll give it a try...
  15. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Another vote for 'Go' here. At least when I was looking for a texting app one of my criteria was a folder view which GO has. Not looked since so others may have it now but at the time that was its selling point to me.

  16. MobiKeith

    MobiKeith Member

    Hi, All;

    I am new to this forum.

    Don't know if this is where I should post my question.

    Instead of adding individual contacts, one by one, to a message, I would like to create groups, similiar to email distribution lists.

    Is this possible w Handcent?

    If so, how can I learn to do it?


  17. Barbara

    Barbara Well-Known Member

    I used Handcent for almost 2 years with my original Droid but have recently discovered GoSMS and I really like the look and the customization available. It's my new favorite.
  18. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    What type of phone do you have? I use Handcent as well, but I created my groups in the stock contacts app.
  19. Eperrine

    Eperrine Member

    I don't understand everyone's obsession with handscent. It's slow, ugly and buggy AND has ads. GO sms ftw!
  20. Dude2

    Dude2 Active Member

    Does GO SMS have spell check and group sending?
  21. elemteacher2be

    elemteacher2be Well-Known Member

    If only I could use it with GV.

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