Best Sprint phone for Hotspot usage.

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  1. pglenn

    pglenn Well-Known Member

    probably quite a few opinions here - but what is the "best" Sprint Android phone to use for Mobile Hotspot usage? a list of three or four would even do. Looking for one that would have the quickest downloads and website access, not overly concerned with upload speed

    I used to use the HTC Evo 4g and it was SLOW!!!


  2. la sal

    la sal Well-Known Member

    Did you run a speedtest with your Evo?

    Could just be Sprint's painfully slow 3G data (not sure if you have WiMax 4G in your area) download speeds that is the problem.
  3. pglenn

    pglenn Well-Known Member

    never did run a speedtest. and yes it was on 3G (4G is all around me but NOT available around my residence, of course) so some slowneess was expected but I have seen online reviews of various phones and the Evo surprisingly ranked near or at the bottom for upload, download, and site loading jn all...


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