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Best Touch Wiz 3 Video I have Seen

  1. steveholtam

    steveholtam Member

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  2. momoceio

    momoceio Well-Known Member

    Man, I like touchwiz...screw the haters :p
  3. wodin6

    wodin6 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for a good touchwiz review since the phone was announced. I actually really like touchwiz. Way better than sense imho.

    btw, I'll help out every tech review site on the internet cut out at least 5 minutes of their reviews....

    The screen is amazing
    There is no flash, people care
    There is no FFC, people care
    It has Avatar on it
    The screen is amazing
    No one cares about the box
    Or the contents (beyond that there is a battery, sim card, and something to charge that battery with)
    Did I mention the screen is amazing?

    I hate having to skip over this crap. It's like this phone or a variant of it isn't being released EVERYWHERE. We know!

    /end rant
  4. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Well-Known Member

    This makes me want this Phone even more... and I hope there's a way I can get Sims 3 on the Epic.
  5. The Tick077

    The Tick077 Well-Known Member

    I was doubtful about touchwiz, but am now really excited about it! I am very impressed with the video, thanks for sharing the link!
  6. Zardos

    Zardos Well-Known Member

    Still hating all third party Interfaces.

    Forever. Make them removable please.
  7. steveholtam

    steveholtam Member

    I was on the fence about TW3, after hearing it was not as good as Sense. After seeing the above videos, I think it looks just as cool, if not better then Sense. I would like to find a clock widget that gives me a nice clock like the Sense one, but otherwise, bring on TW3 + XDA Dev's!
  8. taylormah

    taylormah Well-Known Member

    Oh TW is so good!! I think its the best video that covers most of the parts of TW3.0 interface. But they still missed part where you can swipe to call/message and I wanted to see how the circular wheel works in landscape mode media player. Its kinda tantalizing at this point to see one more video and hoping the phone would jump out of the screen into my hands!! Sprint, when, when when?? Send this phone our way already!!
  9. Samsungandroid

    Samsungandroid New Member

    I defied sense UI all the way and i guess i am right! TOUCHWIZ is really nice and awesome.

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