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Best turn-based RPG?

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  1. AoOs

    AoOs Member

    I've read the whole thread on RPGs for Android, and there are some pretty good games (just finished the Zenonia demo). But I'm not looking for hack'n slash games with inventories.

    Are there any turn-based RPGs for Android? (e.g. like Final Fantasy)

    The math-based fights appeal to me and they can be played whenever - since I don't have to pay constant attention to the screen or buttons.

    Lemme know.

  2. droidagent

    droidagent Member

    yeah.. for cell phone gaming... some good turnbased rpg like mights n might(old school rpgs) or something like AD&D series are badly needed.

    cellphones are not so great when it comes to arcades, actions etc....

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