Best Unlocked Android Phone For Under $150

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  1. neojustneo

    neojustneo Active Member

    Title says it all. I have more money if the price range is too low for anything decent. All I want is something for my tunes, WiFi, and the capability to maybe play some games on road trips and stuff. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum...


  2. neojustneo

    neojustneo Active Member

    Budget now at $200.
  3. phonecats

    phonecats Member

    for that price you might be able to snag a dual core android off of eBay.
    scan your local craigslist too and cross your fingers.
    traditional stores aren't going to be your friend in this purchase.
    especially for a 'unlocked' phone $$$$$
  4. lrv

    lrv Well-Known Member

    You can get an OG Droid for pretty cheap anymore and they're highly customizable.
  5. neojustneo

    neojustneo Active Member

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