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Best video converter app

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  1. brandini

    brandini Well-Known Member

    If you have a Nvidia Graphics card that supports CUDA, you should use MediaCoder and the CUDA encoder to make your graphics card do the work... it's about 3x faster than Handbrake using the CPU.

  2. shdwjackal

    shdwjackal New Member

    Wanted to ask how the 640 x 480 vids look on the screen. Do they take up most of the screen? I was using Format Factory, and did them 848 x 480, but it kept having problems syncing the voice and video. May try the one you mentioned. Thanks.
  3. DankyDroid

    DankyDroid Well-Known Member

    I used it, worked great, run spybot, avast, adware, no problems here. hmm..
    also used settings discussed on another thread for handbrake, which is what I wanted but could not dl for some reason, they worked great, filled the screen, none of the syncing issues w/ the audio that some had mentioned. I'll post back if something scary happens to my computer I guess, I mean if I am able to.
  4. tsaunders

    tsaunders Well-Known Member

    A lot of people use handbrake.
  5. brandini

    brandini Well-Known Member

    Cuda encoder is complete crap, all blocky and gross looking. Use Handbrake!

    PS. I have Kaspersky Internet Security and it did not set off any alarms when installing or using handbrake.
  6. JackTheMan18

    JackTheMan18 Well-Known Member

  7. rizzla

    rizzla Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I use it. Just choose the iphone pre-sets and your good to go, everything plays fine.
  8. reffer101

    reffer101 New Member

    Well I use Ultra Video converter it's good with many formats and it also has some useful setting too.
  9. brandini

    brandini Well-Known Member

    This thread has free in the title.
  10. mkhopper

    mkhopper Well-Known Member

    Going all the way back to the second post in this thread, I'm using SUPER, using the settings shown in the screenshot, but every attempt to actually play the file results in an error stating that the format isn't correct and can't be played.

    I don't have the file copied to the SD card however because I'm attempting to stream the file using GMote. When choosing the .mp4 file, GMote asks what to use to play back the file, Meridian or the stock video player. Choosing either one results in an error.

    Out of all the information in this thread, what would be the best file converter to use that will allow streaming via GMote?
  11. Can someone post best video setting for HTC Eris...SUPER, Format Factory or Handbrake?
  12. OhBe1

    OhBe1 Well-Known Member

    (Forgive me if this software has already been mentioned in this thread.)

    After numerous Google and Droid forum searches, and several unsuccessful attempts using Handbrake, I finally found what I was looking for: DVD Catalyst Free.

    The full version is very reasonable at the price of $10, but the free version is fine for me at this point. It detects and scans the DVD in my computer, I can name the file and choose where it will be sent after ripping, and I can select my device from a drop-down list. I used the USB cable to transfer the MPEG4 file to my Droid Eris, and it the movie plays fine with the stock player.

    I don't need tons of customizable options, which are available in the paid full version. I highly recommend DVD Catalyst! (And I am in no way affiliated with the programmer, developer, or website!) There is also a limited trial version available for download.

    Check it out at Tools4Movies, Official home of DVD Catalyst.
  13. brandini

    brandini Well-Known Member

    You couldn't get Handbrake to work when you have to change nothing?
  14. OhBe1

    OhBe1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and I don't know why. I tried some of the Handbrake presets as described elsewhere in these forums, and also found numerous posts here and elsewhere describing minor adjustments to the presets, but I still couldn't get the movies to play correctly on my Eris. I could see and hear something, but it was very choppy. Maybe I'll try handbrake again sometime, but DVD Catalyst is doing a fine job for now.
  15. brandini

    brandini Well-Known Member

    Wow, you can't read, thread title says free.
  16. mkkyle650

    mkkyle650 New Member

    Hi there:

    Based on my experiences using Video Converters, I am sure that Moyea Video Converter is the powerful tool in editing and converting any video files and it is compatible with various OS, including Windows xp/2000/2003/Win 7/Vista/.
    For example, using it, you guys can easily convert all kinds of video files to other common formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, MKV, MOV, MTS, MOD, TOD, DV, OGG, MP3, AC3, ACC, FLAC, Tivo, etc for make your videos playback on popular players like iPod, mobile, phones, TV, Youtube, etc.
    Moreover, the built-in multi-thread encoding technology makes the conversion speed faster than ever. It is estimated that you can save at least half time to convert a video with the same size.
    Moyea Video Converter can be easily found via Google.

    Hope it works for you guys!
  17. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Or from the link that you helpfully posted. However I see a big fat "Purchase" button on the page, which suggests that the "Free download" version is probably gimped in some crucial way. So, in keeping with the thread title, let's limit suggestions to free converters shall we?
  18. Brice L

    Brice L Member

    I would like to bring this back up. I am still looking for a FREE ripper that will take my DVD and convert it to something I can play on android. None of the ones listed here have been able to do that. Any ideas?
  19. X10iUser

    X10iUser Well-Known Member

  20. slighmd

    slighmd Well-Known Member

    Format Factory! it's free and you can adjust anything from removing letterboxes to custom aspect ratios, increase volume, rip off sound to mp3's, etc.
  21. Brice L

    Brice L Member

    Super V2009 is almost impossible to understand.
  22. X10iUser

    X10iUser Well-Known Member

    That was what I used to use, but the quality compared to Super is crap so stopped using it.
  23. Brice L

    Brice L Member

    Maybe you could help me use it. I am trying to rip a DVD to watch on my android tablet. How do you do that on the Super?

  24. X10iUser

    X10iUser Well-Known Member

  25. Brice L

    Brice L Member

    Thanks for the help. Just can not seem to get it to work. Just locks up. I will keep looking...

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