Best Video Player for the M835?Support

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  1. Trickster03

    Trickster03 Member

    I've tried QQPlayer, Mobo Player, RockPlayer, VPlayer, MX Video Player Pro, Etc..Few give me Codec Errors and the rest work but the playback is so slow and choppy and out of sync. Any ideas on what is the best player for this phone? Or is it just to old to handle videos? :confused:

  2. dm362

    dm362 Member

    Well depends on what your doing . Myself I'm using a few things to get videos to work . First I use Mobo player , with it comes codecs . Then I use free software - any video converter . I set any video converter up for android use , then I set up the screen resolution to 320x240 mpeg 4 format . It works well also any video converter can grab youtube videos and what not . Give it a try I was amazed at the playback !

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