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Best video settings to text messageGeneral

  1. Mbhirsch1

    Mbhirsch1 New Member

    What is the recommendation for sending a video via messaging? It seems like everything I do is too big and needs to be resized to a really terrible quality. By comparison, my wife's iPhone seems to be able to send a pretty high quality video without making any adjustments. Thoughts?

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    For standard MMS, it's whatever works for 300 kilobytes maximum basically, and for video that's not a lot. MMS is a legacy thing from the late '90s, from before modern smart-phones, instant messaging and broadband 3G/4G. There are alternatives, things like Google Voice and Hangouts.

    An iPhone is not using MMS, it's using Apple iMessage and so doesn't have the size limitations, however it's Apple only and only works with iOS devices.
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