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best virtual pc client for xoom?

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  1. leram84

    leram84 Active Member

    not sure if im using the right terminology, but im basically looking for something like phonemypc, but that HAS sound. I want a way to get my htpc screen on the xoom, so i can play movies from the htpc on my xoom with sound. (not sure if it matters, but the movies are all 1080p mkv's.) i also want to be able to display this out via hdmi out. and i want it all to work with correct aspect ratio's and whatnot.

    What is the BEST app for this. I dont care how much it costs (seriously, if it works perfectly id pay any price)

  2. ctxx24

    ctxx24 Well-Known Member

    splashtop is easy and works on the xoom...you dont have to set up port forwarding if your using the same network....
  3. leram84

    leram84 Active Member

    yeah, i would only b using this app remotely, as in NOT in my home network.

    checking out splashtop now
  4. Pocket Cloud Pro has sound. You can download Pocket Cloud Lite to try it out, but the Lite version has no sound.

    I use the Lite version and I think it's great.
  5. whippintegra

    whippintegra Well-Known Member

    I use PlayOn there is a beta script out there that will allow you to view files on your computer I have .mkv movies and they stream great. and you get all the benefits of PlayOn. (hulu, netflix, tv.com etc) you need flash on your xoom the official one from adobe is coming out on Friday but there is a working one somewhere listed on the forums.
  6. JamTheMan

    JamTheMan Well-Known Member

    Or maybe try LogMeIn?
  7. leram84

    leram84 Active Member

    iv gone back and forth w playon, but ultimately i dont want to pay a sub fee, and i would rather buy a app that would let me get the whole virtual pc experience even if im using it 90% of the time for movies alone.
  8. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I use Pocket Cloud Lite on my Droid2, and have been happy with it. Planning on using it on the Xoom as well, and I'll probably upgrade to the full version.
  9. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    Just curious, but how are you planning on getting around the lack of sound? VNC is required for a windows system and VNC has some kind of problem with sound. If you plan on using it with a MAC system, PC techies are troubleshooting sound problems on MAC's.
  10. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    Well, I haven't had a reason to use sound so it hasn't been an issue. does sound not work if you're using their software running on your PC? They say sound works in the Pro version but as I said, hasn't been something I've needed.
  11. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    No, sound will not function (on the Xoom side of things) when VNC is involved, some sort of limitation as I understand it. I would really like to find another option/program which includes sound. Got any suggestions?
  12. leram84

    leram84 Active Member

    ok, i went with logmein... i know it wasnt really recommended here, but i decided to go w something that has universal support on ios as well as android and pc's... its ok, and it does do what i need for it purposes, but it is a little jittery, and the way the screen refreshes in big blocks streaming video is beyond useless... if i cant get anything that will be good enough to stream video, logmein will work fine for me, but i may consider something else if anyone has had success streaming video.


    oh, and logmein does play sound flawlessly
  13. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    Just sound wouldn't cut it for me as I am also into this for the streaming video possibilities as well. Post back if you find something will ya?
  14. Out of curiosity, what are you trying to stream, and why would you use this method to do so (rather than dvdcat's home media server option or something similar)?
  15. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    That's a good program however it doesn't work on all dvd's, so I'm looking for an alternative to work with those dvd's.
  16. leram84

    leram84 Active Member

    Deosnt dvdcats server just work on ur network? I'm trying to stream remotley and I'd rather bundle that into my remote desktop app. But if its not possible ill just look into something like orb if I get around to it (this isn't really the priority)
  17. papermonkey01

    papermonkey01 Well-Known Member

    Honestly the best streaming I've found is using playing. It's easy to set up and works well for streaming content off my pc
  18. leram84

    leram84 Active Member

    Do u mean playon? (I assume so because it just tried to autocorrect playon to playing just now) and I don't c anything called playing in the market
  19. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    I'm using Remote Desktop, I paid $19 for it long time ago. Now I'm using it with xoom. With the xoom large screen, I turned off the "Touch Pad" feature. Now Iafter I connect to my PC, it makes my xoom function like a windows 7 PC':)
  20. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    Well, I just determined that using Remote Desktop on the Windows system is pretty useless. :) I just combined Pocket Cloud and RDP on my Windows 7 Professional and it's soooo choppy it's ridiculous. Oh yea, and you have to have W7 Professional or Ultimate, or one of the other Windows OS's that are the Professional/Ultimate v's, such as XP Professional/Ultimate, in order to be able to have Remote Desktop. It will not function (or I guess it isn't even there) with other versions of Windows.

    ??? What do you mean by "dvdcats server" ???
  21. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    Using the RDP on your Windows system is pretty choppy isn't it? Is sure is when I'm using Pocket Cloud. So if it isn't choppy, how was it that you set it up (settings within this Remote Desktop App for Android I mean)?
    Oh and if you think its relevant, the settings on the RDP on your Windows box as well. Thanks.
  22. leram84

    leram84 Active Member

    dvdcatalyst is a member here and the dev of a video conversion sw for converting video to xoom friendly formats (or any format really). he set up a server as well for ppl that use his sw so they could stream the converted files over their home network. (or something lke that) its in this thread http://androidforums.com/motorola-xoom/288644-how-you-watching-movies-6.html#post2475545

    im pretty sure apps like logmein can work on all pc's, and it requires absolutley NO setup beyond installing the app on any device u want to use, and u can access the pc from ANY web brower. and im not sure what ur looking for, but logmein is still a little jerkey, and the resolution is crap, but it does get the job done if u dont care about aesthetics.
  23. NCTurner

    NCTurner Well-Known Member

    I'll say that DVD Catalyst is one of THE best programs I've run across in a long, long time! I use that to convert DVD's to .MP4 files, then I can copy them to any device in my house (Win 7 systems, my Droid X, my daughter's Ipad 2 {I know, I know} or my soon-to-be-received Xoom. However, I've found it's easier to copy the MP4 files to my NAS drive, then use DVD Catalyst FREE (at least currently) video streamer to stream any videos I want, to wherever I want (local wifi or over the internet), even to my Droid X! (I do that at my fiance's house, then use the HDMI out to watch on her large flat screen.) I know he's working on an upgraded version of his media server to make it more complete, but what is there works, and works well.

    His customer service is simply unbeatable, as well.

    I would highly recommend to anyone that's interested in streaming videos to at least check it out. And DVD Catalyst is a great program for making your digital files. His site is at:

    DVD Catalyst 4 | Tools4Movies - Home of DVD Catalyst

    *Not associated with him or his company, just a very satisfied customer!
  24. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    Yes I knew who he is and about his great program, I purchased a copy :) but I didn't know anything about him setting up a server for streaming for his customers. I've pretty much determined that streaming video over a RDP connection is a worthless endeavor. I've given up on it.
    leram84 likes this.
  25. papermonkey01

    papermonkey01 Well-Known Member

    Yes I did. Sorry I usually catch those.

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