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Best voice call app?

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  1. Looking for an app to make voice calls with someone else on android. I need a nice app that will sit silently in the background with nothing in the notification bar and will stay signed in when crossing from 3g to wifi. Also, does Google voice(edit: google talk) work through the earpiece? I've heard it only works through the loudspeaker a la hands free. It's listed as "talk" in the list of apps.

  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Google Voice works through the earpiece or speaker like any normal call. Actually, GV calls ARE normal calls. Basically, GV is a free call routing service.
  3. Gekko

    Gekko Well-Known Member

    Talkatone free calls & texting
    TalkMe.IM, Inc

    Make your Android device a true Internet phone. No strings attached!
    Unlimited FREE calls, texts and picture sharing to Facebook and Google friends, or any phone number in US/Canada.
    Login with Facebook or Google account to call and chat with friends anywhere in the world, even when you are on a plane.
    Configure your Google Voice℠ to have absolutely FREE calls and SMS to regular phone numbers in North America.
    Share pictures with friends who also use Talkatone.
    *** TOP FEATURES ***
    • Free calls/texts over WiFi or 3G/4G*
    • Calls and texts with Facebook friends without phone numbers worldwide
    • Universal Address Book
    • High quality audio with voice compression
    • Highest-rated phone app
    • Unbeatable FREE support within 24 hours.
    (*Internet provider data charges may apply)

  4. Sorry, meant Google Talk, not Google voice, edited first post. I'll look into that Talkatone, thanks but are there any that are just straight up apps like Skype but that don't need to be "managed"? Skype will, without fail, just crash after a while and not tell me, essentially making it useless for being available for calls, lol. I can start my phone and Kik boots by itself and doesn't have an annoying icon in the notification area. That's the kind of thing I'm looking for. In all honesty if I can find a straight answer on the google talk only working like handsfree thing that would be the best thing for me to use.
  5. gimme5

    gimme5 Member

    Tango works great for me. You can do video calling or just voice, it's up to you.
  6. Looks good, the app seems to be exactly what I'm looking for with the exception of being able to change the ring tone. Any idea if it can be changed, or if there's a similar app that allows this?
  7. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

  8. Gekko

    Gekko Well-Known Member

    sound quality is great especially over WIFI. check it out and report back.

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