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Best Voice Recorder App for Droid?

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  1. brisath

    brisath New Member

    There seems to be Voice Recorder (the app) and "voice recorder" that is in the core install of Android. I've used voice recorder the app several times. However, I've had several issues with it stopping recording or not saving my recording correctly, which usually happens during a long recording. For example, after a long record with the widget they provide, I press stop and then nothing happens. It isn't save anywhere. Other times it works fine. The App has everything I am looking for, except for reliability right now.

    I may have to try the inherent voice recorder on my Droid and see if that is any more reliable. Still searching for a reliable recorder.

  2. Crude

    Crude Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry but there is so much fail in this post that I cannot help but lol.:D

    Iphone on android forum, advice to take a phone because of the voice recorder even though it will "drop calls all over the place", using a phone for hi quality audio recording...

    also, MRdickens and MSwest both have ONE post? Seriously....
  3. Olivier

    Olivier Member

    Hello Guys,

    I found this thread so I felt like doing a little self-promotion for my audio recording application. I have so far been working quite a lot on it, and I think you may like it.

    It's called TapeMachine, you can search for it on the market. The homepage is at http://tapemachine.samalyse.com.

    It has a rather unique look, which some users qualify of "pro audio type", with a large and rather accurate waveform, which can be zoomed and scratched.

    TapeMachine does record directly from the hardware into WAV, AIFF, and FLAC formats. According to your phone hardware, the quality can get quite surprisingly good. I actually have got a lot of enthusiastic feedback from musicians, from guitarists to rappers, classical performers, and some users talking about "Crystal clear sound" :)

    Also, it features a (software) input gain which can be very useful to record low sound source or if your mic isn't very sensitive. An auto-gain feature is also provided, which tracks the input signal and automatically adapts the input gain.

    I see that you've been discussing a lot about compressed formats in this thread. TapeMachine does record directly into FLAC, which is especially suited for high performance. OGG Vorbis is being worked on. For MP3, I'm very reluctant because this format is patented, but I'll see what happens.

    If you try TapeMachine and have a feature request or found a bug, please do not hesitate to comment here or to write directly to me by using the developer email on the market page.

  4. richcowell

    richcowell Well-Known Member


    That sounds good, but you've not mentioned anything about recording phone calls...

    A lot of people are desperate for this feature, and it's something I've missed on a daily basis since my Nokia E71...

    If it's a feature you can add to this software, you'll catch a wider market than just sound recording (no offence with the 'just' lol)

  5. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

  6. richcowell

    richcowell Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip - I had seen that when it was posted, and understand that there's no built in app or method of doing it as with most other phones, but there must be a way with 3rd party software... surely? Seems bizarre...
  7. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    If the OS doesn't allow access to the incoming phone call audio stream, then I doubt that it'll be easy to use software as a workaround.

    That being said, I cannot say it is impossible, so I said it was not gonna be easy.

    Might look into this sooner or later - would be a good way to jump into Android programming.
  8. Olivier

    Olivier Member


    I have only done minimal testing of phone call recording, but it does appear to work.

    However, this is only pseudo phone call recording. You need to turn the speaker on during the phone call, and then TapeMachine will record both your voice and what comes out of the speaker. It's a workaround, but it does seem to work, although it may cause echo and poor quality.

    To my knowledge, it is not currently technically feasible to provide in/out call recording without using the speaker. There's an Android issue about this:
    Issue 2117 - android - Enhancement: Call Recorder - Project Hosting on Google Code

  9. GuylovesAndroid

    GuylovesAndroid New Member

    I use Digital Audio Recorder for Android. It is simple, easy to use, and recordings are stored in different categories.

    Search for for it on the android market

    Digital Audio Recorder for Android
  10. thaDroidz

    thaDroidz Well-Known Member

    I have HIFICorder lite and the quiaility is awesome. lite only lets you do 20sec or so but that's all I needed to make my custom ringtones.
    Saves to mp3 (also OGG and wav I think).
    44100Hz is at max setting down to 8000..

    full version is 9.99 but I guess if it's work related it would be worth it and maybe even a deduction.
  11. pinktoad

    pinktoad New Member

    What app will send sound via text?

    I like recording a sound byte while driving my car, or talk instead of typing and send that via text.

    I've downloaded voice recorder, 3, droidrecord, rehearsal assistant, and tapatalk; none seem to send text messages. Some can email via gmail (or bluetooth; however the h), but not text.

  12. dotRod

    dotRod New Member

    I realize that the point of this forum was for live audio/meeting recording, but several people asked about recording phone calls. I'd suggest getting a Google Voice account and using that as your main number. One of the nicer features, aside from single number reach, is that you can hit one button and record live phone calls and have them saved to your account. Just my $.02.
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  13. paleodust

    paleodust Well-Known Member

    VERY impressive! I think you've got exactly what I've been looking for (and frustrated in not finding, until now!). I'm testing the free version and it's looking (and sounding) great so far. Nice work! :)

    This may be a dumb question but what are the advantages of recording in the formats other than WAV and when might you opt to use them? :confused:
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  14. paleodust

    paleodust Well-Known Member

    I just tested this on a call. Only, I had my bluetooth so it could only hear me talk (which is what you'd expect). The only problem was that, when I played it back, I sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks! :D
  15. Olivier

    Olivier Member

    Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)

    Other formats such as FLAC (and soon OGG) allow to reduce file size, to increase recording storage space, but also for sending by mail. AIFF doesn't save any space though, it is similar to WAV, but may be more familiar to some audio professionals.

    FLAC is a great format, because it's lossless (OGG, MP3, .. result in quality loss), it implies very low encoding cpu usage, and it results in files which are about 50% of WAV equivalents.

    I see ;) But, quality should be ok for your own voice. Have you experimented recording with your bluetooth headset, when not doing any phone call? How does that work?
  16. paleodust

    paleodust Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure there's any way to use a Bluetooth earpiece outside of a phone call. It seems to be a limitation, at least in Android 2.1 and earlier.
  17. benreaves

    benreaves Member

    Thanks, galt, I like Note Everything. One-touch is my most important need because this is for use while driving.

    I found that it can record phone calls both sides.

    I hear an annoying buzz while charging from USB, that's because of this Samsung Epic noisy power supply. Problem solved by recording while on battery only.

  18. danarchy

    danarchy Well-Known Member

    Ben, I had the same problem with my mp3 players/phones in my car (RAV4). I had my dealer look at it, and they said it was a known issue and there was even a TSB for it. They just fixed it a few days ago, and the noise is gone. They basically replaced the jack, and added a big filter.

    That said, I tried both TapeMachine and Note Everything, and while TapeMachine works extremely well, it's difficult to use when in a hurry etc. I want to record interviews etc, and Note Everything seems to be more suited for that.
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  19. Exiled

    Exiled Well-Known Member

    Anyone know of a recorder that can record lectures? My university classes can be quite big, and I have trouble getting the professor's voice to record on the phone. Its a 300+ person class but the prof uses a microphone. Any ideas? I understand that a phone may not be ideal for this situation and I should probably just buy a dedicated recorder, but I just thought I'd check before I do that.
  20. paleodust

    paleodust Well-Known Member

    Having tested them all, I would DEFINITELY recommend TapeMachine. I got it specifically for that purpose and have been VERY impressed. I suggest going into Airplane Mode on your phone because incoming calls can interrupt the recording. There's a free trial version so you can test it out and see what you think. Also, the editing features are great!
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  21. jMieser

    jMieser New Member

    I've been searching and searching and can't find my answer anywhere, so I figured I'd ask you guys.

    Does anyone know of a recording app, that can record something and then play it back, while in a call, to the person on the other line? I know there is something on a BB that can do it, and I believe the iPhone 4G can too.

    So if anyone knows of an app as such I would be extremely grateful.

  22. DesirableHT_C

    DesirableHT_C New Member

    Can someone supply a link, (or barcode) for a Voice Recorder app, for my HTC Desire? I desperately need one, and am not concerned too much with the cost. Please help.
  23. paleodust

    paleodust Well-Known Member

  24. Subluka

    Subluka Member

    TapeMachine looks great so far (just on a little play). Potential to make my short list of treasured apps.

    Another definite option for general recordings is the app voice2do. I'm impressed with that app too. You can choose 44 khz wav in the setup. Interface is big, bright easy, recording is one touch, and when you stop recording you can choose a definable (in paid version) tag with a colour and text label, you could use 'ideas', 'work', 'car' etc. You can access a file list that makes the tags clear, and sort by tag. I can see that working for me for things like recording thoughts or similar, although I wish there was file renaming. Got a widget too.

    Still playing with these apps. I may be buying both. Voice2do has a niftier interface for quick and dirty voice recordings with full quality unleashed, Tapemachine has that emphasis on audio control and quality and at first few listens, gives a better result. Gotta have a closer listen, but V2do seems to have had some audible strong clicks and crackles going on, fine for most casual stuff but not when you want to be pushing your phone to its limits as a bona fide acoustic recorder.

    Oh, I should say on a Samsung Galaxy S (found this thread by a web search) so of course that may be a wildcard in there with my experience.
  25. paleodust

    paleodust Well-Known Member

    I noticed that TapeMachine has the option for one touch recording as well. It's in the preferences. The default is the way it is because it allows it to listen and adjust the Auto Gain before actually recording. Nice touch.

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