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Best VOIP App?

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  1. darkjinni2

    darkjinni2 Well-Known Member

    I know that this has been talked about in other threads. But I've looked and they're either old or it really didn't give me what I wanted. And I know there's a lot of knowledge floating around in this room.

    I am going to Iraq in less than 3 weeks and want to be able to VOIP using my phone so I'm not connected to my computer. Is there an app that allows this for free or as close as to free as I can get. I have a Rooted Moto Droid.

    Bottom line for a worry free, good quality VOIP service, what should I use?

    Thanks on advance.

  2. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Skype works, but only when not on WiFi - so if you're going to be on a 3G connection, that should work pretty good, and it is free to call to another Skype user (Skype to Skype).

    Otherwise, the really old threads are pretty much what you have to work with.
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  3. darkjinni2

    darkjinni2 Well-Known Member

    Oh ok, thanks, because I need to VOIP over Wifi so Skype isn't an option.
  4. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    I have sen a couple of apps offering VoIP in the market, but I have never actually tried any of them.

    Might be worth checking out though - I know there was a way documented that used OnSIP (?) and GV to make VoIP calls over WiFi, I believe but I cannot find that thread right now....
  5. darkjinni2

    darkjinni2 Well-Known Member

    I'm about to scour the internet and the forums and try out different combos...I'll report my findings just in case someone is deploying or doing business overseas and needs VOIP as much as I will.
  6. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    TBH, if folks think about it, if they are constantly in situations where they have access o a good working solid WiFi connection this could go a long way to saving precious minutes on plans....

    If you can come up with a solution LMK - I'll be more than willing to play around and test it out to see how well it works.

    My WiFi connection at home is rock solid, and my cable modem access nets me ~28 Mbps down and ~6 Mbps up - so that means I can use this at home all the time.

    It would go nicely with my slow move to using GV for SMS - using it for VoIP would make it that much more useful....

    In theory, though, I believe that GV in and of itself already does VoIP *now* - but I have no tested it thoroughly.
  7. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Well-Known Member

  8. ScottPV

    ScottPV Active Member

  9. Frank Grimes

    Frank Grimes Well-Known Member

  10. kirbwrx

    kirbwrx New Member

  11. dvmweb1984

    dvmweb1984 Member

    Ain't this great. This forum is all right. Thank you guys for serving, from all of the rest of us. Good Luck and be safe
  12. ocman

    ocman Well-Known Member

    sipdroid plus gv dialer plus google voice plus gizmo5 works flawless when I use it.
  13. mannydroid

    mannydroid Member

    Tell me a little bit more what you need or what you already have. I have questions for you:

    1) Do you want to call US phone numbers with it, or just another VOIP line like a computer at your home?
    2) Are you planing to receive calls on it as well? If yes, it is going to be from regular phone lines or just from another VOIP device?
    3) If mainly to communicate to Home, what kind of hardware are you planing to use there? A computer, another phone with VOIP, an ATA device, a regular phone line, etc?
    4) Do you have any VOIP service already?
    5) By any chance do you have an Gizmo5 account?
    6) Is it temporary? For how long?

    Anyway, the more details you provide the better for us to help. :)
  14. darkjinni2

    darkjinni2 Well-Known Member

    1) I want to be able to call U.S. PSTN, VOIP, or moblie numbers.
    2) I want to be able to recieve from both
    3) I want to be able to call my house phone, computer, or my family's mobiles
    4) I currently do not have any VOIP service, I was waiting till I could research a good combo
    5) No Gizmo5
    7) 4 months but I will be going out there consistently so I would like a long term solution that I can activate for the 4 months while I'm over there and then turn off when I get back to the states

    Thanks for all the help
  15. darkjinni2

    darkjinni2 Well-Known Member

    You would have to explain that process in a little more detail for me to understand I am very new to the sip/VOIP world but I don't have a gizmo5 account. If there's a guide on it that you could point me to I would very much appreciate it.
  16. mannydroid

    mannydroid Member

    As a 100% free solution, you may try some of the situations below that might cover all your needs, or you may sacrifice something in order to get the free and not very hard configuration.

    Option #1
    It would cover all your requests for free, but the setup will require work and besides I know it works I don't know how reliable on long term it is... But for the price you might want it.

    A) Get a google voice number (free)
    B) Get any free VOIP provider that offers free calls between users and is compatible with Ipkall. (you will have to research a bit on that or try a couple of them since they are free, examples would be http://www.sipgate.com/, http://www.callwithus.com/ or http://www.mutualphone.com, but do your research. (If you use sipgate, they will give you a US number, so you might be able to skip the step C, and on step D you add you sipgate number to your Google voice account, did not tested but should work).
    C) Get a free US number with Ipkall (Washington State only) that forwards the call to your new VOIP number. (Ipkall expires if there is no activity in 30 consecutive days. If this happen you loose the number but you can get another one for free)
    D) Add your Ipkall US number on your list of phones on Google voice
    E) Get Sipdroid from the market (free)
    F) Get Google voice callback app from Xinlu, from the market (free)

    Ok let's stop here for a moment, with the setup from A to F setup you will be able to receive and make calls to US over Wifi for free, but not between you and a computer. If you want to add that you will need:

    G) Get a pbxes.com free account and setup your VOIP account there.
    H) Install in the computer at your home a free softphone (like X-lite http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite.html) and setup you pbxes credentials

    Now in addition, you can make calls inside yours pbxes network for free using only internet in both ends.

    I can suggest 2 more options that are cheap and do not require contract (they are pre-paid). One requires more work to setup but it will be cheaper and another much easier. Now, depending on how many minutes are you planing to use will make the difference in cost between the two options.

    Option #2
    A) Get a pre paid Betamax Voip service provider that includes US landline and mobile in the list of "free countries" (here is comparisson and names of several Betamax providers for you to research in case that you plan to call some place else than US betamax price comparison )
    B) Get a free US number to receive calls on http://www.ipkall.com (Washington State area code only, but is free)
    C) Create a free account on www.pbxes.com and setup your voip provider
    D) On your phone you will use the app sipdroid (free on market)
    E) On other computers you will have to install a free softphone
    Once everything is set, your phone will be connected to pbxes.
    -If someone dial your US number pbxes will forward to your phone (this will be free)
    -If you want to call a US number, pbxes will use your betamax credentials. (see below the explanation of the cost of Betamax)
    - And between you and another computer it will be all inside your pbxes network (This is free as well)

    *Betamax cost expanation: If you purchase a prepaid credit (the minimum you can add is 10 euros that if you pay with paypal at the end of the conversion it will be about $15 dollars) you will have 3 months of free calls to US and some other countries. After you run out of free days, the calls that you make will start to use your balance. At a rate of around 2 cents (more or less depending which provider you use) you will have a lot of use until you finish your credit. After that you add again the minimum and they will give you again 3 months for free + the money that you added.
    This option is very cost effective, but will take some time for you to setup all this together.

    I personally use 12voip.com from the Betamax providers, to make calls to Brazil. I have been using it for a couple years already. I put the 15 bucks and with that I call 3 months for free and after that the remaining balance let me talk about 3 more months, so is about $2.5 per month for me. After the free days is over, the money stays there and will not expire. You can leave the account with zero balance as well and whenever you are going to use again, then you just have add money to it.

    Since receiving calls would be free and making calls out of free days would use your credit, if you are going to call home you may call and say to them to call you back, in that way you strech your credit for several months.

    Option #3
    Get a provider like http://www.sipgate.com that will give you a free US number. Is pre paid as well and with sipdroid in your phone, you will be able to place and receive calls to US at 2cents per minute. Calls between you and a computer with another sipgate free account will be free.
    This option is much more straight forward and cost effective to be connected with moderated use but if you are going to be a really heavy user the option #1 costs about the same but every time you add money they give you 3 months for free.

    Off course that there is many other solutions or providers that other people can suggest or you will find on the internet, is up to you to decide what fits better your needs.

    Anyway, I would give a shot to option #1. The setup from A to F is not very difficult, after that is a bit more complicated because it takes a little bit of reading and testing until you have your pbxes account up and working properly. I would try first with the Sipgate provider so in that way you don't need an extra step with Ipkall.

    I can help you with the basics, but you should do your homework on each service on how to configure it.

    There might be other options for free that I don't know and for sure there is a ton of other paid options that I don't know either.

    I hope that this info would be helpful.
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  17. muab

    muab Well-Known Member

  18. eemedic

    eemedic New Member

    Just started using skype to make voice calls between a macbook and an android device, it appears to work over wifi and not 3G, since when I turn off wifi on the android, the call is dropped immediately. Seems opposite from what other folks are experiencing.
  19. lance-tek

    lance-tek Well-Known Member

    This is not true. We (my BDE) are heading to Iraq soon and have been exploring Skype on our droids without the verizon network. It works just fine as long as you are using Skype and NOT Skype mobile.

    it costs us $3 a month for unlimited calls to the US. How sweet is that?

    Anyway, Google I think also offers voice service but I haven't explored that yet...


  20. lance-tek

    lance-tek Well-Known Member

    Skype Mobile is for 3G, Skype is for Wifi (both available in the Market for my device)
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  21. eemedic

    eemedic New Member

    Ahhh, didn't know that.

    Digging into this, I find that Skype Mobile isn't available in my device's market, probably because the data plan is free and the resulting free 3G VOIP wouldn't be a good business move for a pay-as-you-go voice plan.
  22. ronlkh

    ronlkh New Member

    csipsimple is a very nice voip software with g729
  23. scooter1

    scooter1 New Member

    I am a little confused here. Through sipgate I acquired a VOIP # but how do I register that number with google voice when in order to register the number with them they call that number and I have to answer and enter in a validation code?

    I am also unsure why sipdroid is necessary or even how to configure it. What server or proxy do I use?

    The google voice callback app I think I get but it claims that if you are outside the US then it won't work, am I missing something or will this not work for the OP's issue or mine which is calling over wi-fi from Mexico.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Petercarlos1

    Petercarlos1 New Member

    May I know which phone you are using? If you have iPhone, Android, Symbian etc. then you can download the SIP software
  25. darkjinni2

    darkjinni2 Well-Known Member

    1. Get GVoice #
    2. Download GrooveIP

    Login in and start making calls over wifi.

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