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BEST way to back up my Thunderbolt for BAMF upgrade?

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  1. daniel178

    daniel178 Well-Known Member

    Hello all,

    Sorry for the n00b question, but which is the BEST, most COMPLETE way to back up my personal data, if I want to update from BAMF 1.3.2 to 1.6? I want to do a clean wipe, then install 1.6, and then restore my files/data, including: photos, videos, installed apps, phone contacts, SIM contacts, Facebook links to contacts, downloaded live wallpapers, downloaded ringtones, downloaded documents, etc., etc.

    Should I use HTCSense.com to back up? Verizon? An app? Which is the best/most complete/easiest?

    Thank you!!!

  2. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    Things on your SD card with no need to backup: photos, videos, downloaded live wallpapers, downloaded ringtones, downloaded document.

    When it comes to apps, I use titanium backup and restore my apps from there.

    Sim contacts are saved to your sim card.

    Things associated with your sync: Phone contacts and Facebook links to contacts. I would reccomend using HTCSense.com to back up these contacts, however for the most part youll have to redo most links.

    Das Bamf removes verizons contact sync app.
  3. BzB

    BzB Well-Known Member

    i use mybackup pro and it works great. whatever you use make sure you only restore apps and data. don't restore settings and the like as that may pull over stuff that's not compatible with the new rom.

    also make sure you do a nandroid for good measure in case the update goes fubar somewhere along the way.
  4. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    titanium and nandroid is all you really need i think
  5. daniel178

    daniel178 Well-Known Member

    Thank you!
    I have titanium backup (free) is that ok?

    Could you please give me a step-by-step on how to nandroid?

  6. WormDoes

    WormDoes Well-Known Member

    Read THIS
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  7. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    Yeah, free is fine. While the Nandroid backup is mandatory imo, you cant pick and choose things from the backup. Its a full on restore when you do it so dont think that itll give you portions back of what you had before.
  8. daniel178

    daniel178 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for all the new replies!!

    McLabia or anyone:
    How do I back up with HTCSense.com? I logged in to the website (on my PC) but don't see any option to see/backup my contacts...? Or is this only done via the phone itself?
  9. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    Your phone will sync it. Go into your phone, then sync contacts with your HTCsense. That should load everything up. Atleast thats how it worked for me.
  10. daniel178

    daniel178 Well-Known Member

    Um, could you be a little more specific with this part:
    Like, maybe a step-by-step? Sorry!
  11. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

  12. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    when im gonna flash a new rom,all i do is run a sync with gmail to make sure i capture any new contacts,and then run a batch with titianium backup to backup "new apps and versions".

    my texts fill up to the point i gotta empty them every couple days anyway if i wasnt changing roms :eek: i personally have never understood why folks care about taking texts and call logs to the new rom.

    when you sign in to gmail on the next rom all your contacts and calander will come back. you caN then use titanium to restore "missing apps+data"(note that this is APP data,NOT system data) after the market finished restoring what its going to.

    then you just gotta place things on homescreens,configure email,facebook,etc, and set ringtones. easy as pie :D
  13. daniel178

    daniel178 Well-Known Member

    Thank you!!

    Tried HTCSync, and although it seems to work fine, it seems to be more for moving/syncing stuff from the PC to the phone. I guess something else would be better for making a backup of the phone itself (ie, TiBackup or MyBackup)?

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