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  1. Jaymzb0nd

    Jaymzb0nd New Member

    I have an 8gb SD card which it seems like out of no where got full. Thinking it was normal, I deleted a lot of MP3s and cleared all of my pictures (that's all I keep on the card) and got it to where I had 6gb of free space. Come today and I couldn't even download a small PDF because it says there's no more room.

    I just checked my pictures and they're a couple hundred MBs while the MP3s are still 2gbs. What's the best way of seeing what is taking up the space without having to plug the phone in to the comp and check the properties of every folder on the card?

  2. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    You could use a file manager like Astro, but I don't see how you can determine what is taking the space without checking the properties of each folder. You can do that with Astro by long touching each folder and selecting Details.
  3. Jaymzb0nd

    Jaymzb0nd New Member

    I see that the "Android" folder has a size of 1.24gb but it says it has a 4.58gb size on disk. The only folder I could find in that that took up a lot of space with my Google Currents which I uninstalled but the SD card is still full.

    I'm going to just reformat my SD card.

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