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  1. reubenmikul

    reubenmikul New Member

    I just purchased the Excite 10 AT305-T32 tablet to use when I travel with my job. I've already connected to the internet using Wi-Fi but I would like to be able to connect when no Wi-Fi is available. My cell provider is Sprint and I have data coverage on my "non-smart phone" with Bluetooth but when I tried to pair it to the Excite it didn't work. I believe Sprint may have done something to prevent that since I'm not of a smart phone data package.
    On my work computer I use an aircard from Sprint mobile that works great on my laptop but when searching the various cell providers all I seem to find are hot-spots that provide 4g capability and the ability to connect numerous devices which I don't need. I've also found a few providers that have what they call a "stick" which seems to be what I want but it looks like they only work on laptop operating systems and I'm looking for something to work with Android. I'm sure there are many out there who have mobile connectivity so please share your wisdom with this newbie. Thanks in advance.:confused:

  2. jeeptecb

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    The sprint smart phones have mobile hot have to pay for it. I'm a former customer. Some of the carrier's sell a mobile hot spot device. That might be your best bet.

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