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  1. Loganlea

    Loganlea Member

    Hi Guys,

    Can someone please advise what is the best solution for getting your photos "off the phone".
    Believe it or not, i was taking photos with my GS3 of my iphone which i was selling. I use an Imac at home, so at the moment its Kies for mac, which is pretty dreadful compared to itunes, ( FOR EASE OF USE)

    After connecting to kies, there seemed to be a multitude of the same photos, some only a couple of kb, to the ones which were 2-3 mb.

    It was very tedious wading thru the photos trying to select the ones i needed.

    Whats with all the very very small Photos ? ( i am lost here)


    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Eventually i gave up, and booted into Windows 7 on my mac, copied to my usb stick, then booted back into Mountain Lion.

    I dont want to have to do this every time.

    Is there any better programs out there to get your photos off the phone easier, or am i using Kies wrongly ?

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

  3. Bob Blaylock

    Bob Blaylock Well-Known Member

    I find that Dropbox is very good for this. Set it up on your desktop system, and on your Android device. The general use for DropBox is just to generally share files between different devices. It does this very well. But very specifically, it has a feature that, when enabled, causes photographs that you take on your Android device to automatically be shared to your desktop system, or anything else that you have linked to the same account as your Android.

    Just follow this link to get started.

    Once you have it all set up properly, there will be, under your user directory on the Macintosh, a directory called “Dropbox”, and under that, one called “Camera Uploads”. Any pictures you take on your phone will appear in that directory.


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  4. Loganlea

    Loganlea Member

    Thanks guys for your advice. `i just realised about dropbox after i has posted the question. Its not ideal, but its is really easy to access the photos.

    I wish i could still use Android file transfer, but after updating the software on my Gs3 to 4.04, the program no long works on my Mac (mountain lion installed).
    I hope Google update this soon, because it was really easy with this.

    Thank again....
  5. tchen811

    tchen811 Well-Known Member

    How about emailing it to your self if it's only a couple pics?
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  6. MicroNix

    MicroNix Well-Known Member

    Another option is if you have a share on your network is an app called Sweet Home. Whenever you are on your WiFi network it will check for new pics and auto upload them to the share. You can even choose to add in that you must be plugged into power before it checks. There's a little configuration to it but once done it just works. Been using it for a least 2 years now and it never misses.
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  7. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Well-Known Member

    How to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to a Mac and iPhoto SIII - YouTube
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  8. laptopquestion

    laptopquestion Well-Known Member

    Also the free AirDroid. Wirelessly access your phone via browser.

    User Guide

    What is AirDroid?

    AirDroid is a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage & control your Android devices (phone & tablet) from a web browser. It’s designed with the vision to bridge the gap between your Android device and web browser, on desktop computers or tablet devices, on Windows, Mac/iOS, or Linux.

    What are the requirements to run AirDroid?

    The AirDroid Android app should be compatible with most Android devices running Android 2.1 or later. The Web Desktop should be compatible with most modern web browsers, including IE 8 or later, Chrome 12 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later, Safari 5.0 or later. Support for mobile browsers, like Safari on iPad, is experimental.

    The Android device and computer need to be in the same WiFi network to connect.

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